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Thread: Ship Thread - Core Dynamics Eagle Mk. II AKA- Babypilots first fighter

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    July 31, 2013

    Ship Thread - Core Dynamics Eagle Mk. II AKA- Babypilots first fighter


    Not all that expensive if you were not fortunate enough to get this with the mercenary preorder, however at 44k its not going to take long in the siddy to get this.

    Basically you could fly this stock and its as good as the siddy you start in.

    It has more shields, less hull (if you are in hull in the eagle its gone wrong...), faster, turns the best. you also get an additional hardpoint. Id recommend getting two gimbled multicannons and 1 gimbled burst laser (i prefer the burst to the pulse i think this DPS works out higher). You could try to put on a missile launcher but at this stage its not a super idea just yet. you are probably poor and missiles will eat into your profits. they are shit against shields also. The alternative is to use 1 multi and two burst if you are having drama getting through the shields but bewarned, the more LAZORS you use the more pips in weapons you need to use and less in engines and shields.

    Gimble Gimble Gimble! the dps lost is gained as you can hit more!

    BE WARNED! this thing while excellent at turning, cant outrun the Cobra or viper, it cant even boost away at all, Top Speed 240 m/s, Boost Speed 350 m/s.

    In the Viper it can cruise at 320 and boost to 400, in the cobra 280 and boost to 400. You wont outrun your target, if you play open....

    YOU WILL DIE TO OTHER PLAYERS IF THEY WANT TO KILL YOU, NO EXCEPTIONS if they drive cobra or viper. So bear that in mind, if im in a nav point, ill wait for a noob to accidentally hit a cop or some shit and then its all over for that noob.

    cargo. not good news im afraid. You have 4 cargo. 6 cargo without the scanner, more cargo if you fuck the shields off (terrible idea). Use your 4 cargo and cherry pick loot in unscanned sites (USS) and other encounters. Again augment your income and practice outrunning the cops.

    The utility mount. This will be the time to experiment! please do! use the Chaff, use the kill warrent scanner. (dont use the cargo scanner as you cant carry any so whats the point?) if you can afford the kill warrent you can increase your bounties but likely will need to go to other systems to collect them later. if you die your bounty tally is nuked so dont die with 100-200-300k in empire or alliance or fed for that matter. cash them in if its easy enough to do.
    Chaff however will become essencial later!

    Gimbled and turrent weapons will hit you far far less so if you are running away it gives you a chance...

    Jump range is crap, try to get at least 10LY otherwise you will struggle to bridge the smallest of distances. Basically dont travel more than 1-2 jumps away with this, just do what missions you can like the kill 2-3-4-5-6 pirate missions etc.

    DONT do the assassination missions for 170k etc. No. the cargo looty missions for transmissions and black boxes are great though at this point!

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    April 12, 2011
    Bought it and have been tooling around in belts and upgrading as I go. I fought a Fed Drop Ship and took him down to 50% when he was able to turn around and get me with a killer alpha. After that I couldn't get behind him again and ended up escaping with 38% health (armor? life? Whatever.)

    I'm really enjoying this little fighter. I still want to do some exploring though. Got start saving my monies so I can buy an Asp or something

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    July 31, 2013
    resist the urge to go anywhere just yet. the viper is a good upgrade to the eagle but the costs for good mods go up a lot also. if you do decide to go exploring you need to decently fit a cobra at minimum, and the A FSD isnt cheap.

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    April 9, 2011
    for something that's basically baby-pilots first fighter i love mine, i must have sunk 400k credits into it and lucked out and found a station with the A Class reactor (that's 160k credits right there) the manoeuvrability lets me duke it out with anything up to a Cobra without trouble, though they only need one good pass at you and there's lil' babby eagle bits everywhere.

    it's a fun little boat imho, and i think im going to find a station and store mine in once i upgrade to a Cobra or a viper, cant quite decide though i am propably going to go for a Viper, pewz pewz winz.
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