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Thread: NASA Live

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    Don't worry, Matt Damon will be around shortly.....

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    And imagine Dons amazing hateboner of there were a spacex ship involved. It'd be visible in the sky.
    We could fashion it into a space elevator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight Hustlin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lachesis VII View Post

    So on Tuesday night, they listened. They reminisced. But in the end, no response came. Opportunity would finally be declared dead on Sol 5352, as in five thousand, three hundred, and fifty-two days on Mars.[/url]
    Absolutely amazing considering it was built for a 90 day mission.

    God speed lil guy
    It sure set the bar high for its successors. It's this kind of amazing engineering feat that gives me hope for the future.



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