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Thread: US Politics Thread

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    December 2, 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Dorvil Barranis View Post
    Beto says we should focus on "electability" (i.e. someone like him), and not pick a candidate who is too much of a lefty, because Trump. He thinks we need a centrist, but rejects that label.

    Edit: wait, that was Michael Bennet, never mind
    My money is a relatively centrist* PoC frontrunner and a lefty VC and one or the other female. It'll end up being about playing as many different 'not white male' tribal cards to fuel turn out the vote campaigns

    * For values of centrist that supports universal healthcare and something like a green new deal.

    I think the universal healthcare debates will be interesting. All the candidates say they support it... but a lot are just saying it

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    The Motherland
    So... double down on populism?



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