Hello everyone and welcome to another Developer Spotlight. This time, we are talking with CCP Blowout, our CLM Lead over at CCP Iceland. Some of our DUST 514 players know him already from our official forums, but this piece will definitely shed some more light on his ever so charming personality.

What is your official job title with CCP?
My official job title is Customer Lifecycle Management Lead. It's not the longest job title in the company, but it's close.
What does the job actually entail?
Trolling DUST players on the forums, browsing Facebook and watching live surfing video streams, alt-tabbing to generic Excel or PowePoint files when someone approaches my desk. If he decides to hang around, then I busy myself planning email newsletter content, setting up mailing campaigns and coordinating with DUST and EVE community teams to promote in-game events, patches/new releases, and working with the web team to ensure timely promotion of news, dev blogs and other features.
If someone is still at my desk after all that, I’ll spend some time with the analytics team scrutinizing data that shows what players are up to at various stages in-client and on the battlefield, trying to identify any spikes or drops in player activity. The results of this analysis is shared with game design, devs, or whoever in CCP is responsible for the area or areas of the in- and out-of-game experience that are proving either popular or otherwise, with the hopes of improving the overall experience for new and veteran players alike.
If that someone still hasn't walked away I just alt-tab back to Facebook because, really, screw that guy.
What were you up to before you got the job with CCP?
I was freelance writing for video games and surfing mags and websites around the world for about 15 years before landing a digital marketing gig at NVIDIA in the UK.
How did you get a job with CCP? Can you talk about the process?
I followed up a recruitment email for a position that matched my experience and skillset, went through something like eight interviews in person, on the phone and over Skype, and then got shipped off to China to join the Shanghai studio. I worked there for 9 months before being moved to HQ in Reykjavik.
What’s your favorite part about working at CCP?
Working with talented, amped people who are brilliant at what they do, and that I have been able to spend time in both China and Iceland thanks to the job. Plus having Street Fighter 2 matches to settle prioritization disputes with project managers, great meals served daily in the canteen, live screenings of UFC with pizza and beers, and that I am accountable to no one on the official DUST forums.
What’s the biggest misconception players have about what you do that you’d like to clear up?
I’d rather be rich than stupid.
And now the personal stuff - if there was one thing you’d be doing outside of your current job, what would it be?
Chilling on a beach, surfing all day then kicking back with some friends enjoying cold beers and a good game of poker. That’s one thing, right?
When you’re not on the job, what do you enjoy doing?
Researching and developing the latest and greatest life hacks.
What are some of your favorite games, both past and present?
Going way back, I loved titles like Elite and Space Rogue. The proto-EVE Onlines. Starflight 2 and Star Control 2 remain two of the greatest open-ended space adventures of all time. For action, it’s the Street Fighter series or a range of FPS games from the original Doom through to Wolfenstein: The New Order and the mindless blasting fun of Call of Duty. For role-playing lose-yourself-for-days-getting-fat-and-pale-and-going-to-bed-ashamed I have sunk a lot of hours into Skyrim and my favourite RPG of all time, Baldur’s Gate 2. The last game I finished was the remade XCOM and its expansion, Enemy Within. That’s the best strategy title since Civilization V. And for something completely different, The Last Of Us is the best game of the previous console generation, and I’m going to replay it when my girlfriend probably buys me a PS4 for my birthday, maybe.
What’s something that people don’t know about you?
I have four passports and I hold citizenship in two countries I’ve never actually been to.
If you could use any weapon in DUST 514 to make a sandwich, what would it be and why?
I wouldn’t need to use a weapon. I would just have the web team set up a sandwich-generating email subscriber exclusive, redeem to my account, et voila: free sandwich.
Big thanks to CCP Blowout for taking the time to answer our questions. If you enjoy his work and would like to hear more from him, we’d suggest you make sure that your email newsletter subscription is switched on right here.

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