Dear players,
CCP Rattati[3] here again. We are very pleased to announce that Hotfix Delta has been deployed to DUST 514. Hotfix Delta contains even more changes than the other Hotfixes. It contains many targeted tweaks, but also a full rebalancing of Sniper Rifles and Sidearms. The Council of Planetary Management (CPM) has been very involved and helpful in gathering views from the Community and giving their direct feedback into the process.
As before, we began a narrative process with the community followed by feedback forum threads on specific subjects we were looking to work on in the next hotfix. These threads, including the Hotfix Alpha, Bravo and Charlie threads, are now all stored in the Development Discussion Archives[4] .
If you missed the Hotfix Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta feedback sessions, please be sure to join us for Hotfix Echo. Threads for feedback on Hotfix Echo will be opening in the near future.
Now to the actual changes and if youd like to dive deeper into the stats, you will find the numbers that have changed in this Google Docs sheet[5] .
New Player Experience
For our New Players we have more than a few changes in Delta. We have created militia variants of all Sidearms, as well as the Heavy Machine Gun, all available in the Militia Items marketplace and added to the Starter suits. All Medic Starter suits will now have the Magsec submachine gun, Sniper Starter suits will have the Submachine gun and the Frontline Starter suits will have their proper racial pistols, the Ion Pistol, the Bolt Pistol, the Flaylock Pistol and the Scrambler Pistol.
We are also providing our New Players with a limited number of Mk II Special Issue Starter suits, the Assault Frontline Mk II, and the Sentinel Defender Mk II. We got feedback from the Community while building these fits so they should be competitive.
Additionally, we have given all New Players a few starting skill books and injecting them at skill level 1 to level 2 based on feedback from the CPM and various corp CEOs, allowing us to safely reduce the starting ISK as players will have plenty of skills to spend their Skill Points on.
All these changes will increase the variety and experience of the Academy, so we are also doubling the exit criteria, from accumulating 2400 War Points to 5000 War Points.
Veteran Experience
Weapons and Turrets
A full rebalance of all Sidearms (Nova Knives were done in Charlie), including focused changes to make them all a viable force in battle. Notably all Pistols now inflict increased headshot damage, and have a clear range vs. DPS correlation.
A full rebalance of all Sniper Rifles is now live, clarifying the roles while increasing damage and reducing range a little, and rewarding skill by boosting headshot damage in a big way.
Plasma Cannon Projectiles are getting a speed increase to make them a little better at anti-vehicle combat.
The Combat Rifle and all Projectile Weaponry is getting a new profile, going from -5% Shields/+10% Armor, to -15% Shields/+15% Armor.
Almost all the Rifles received a tweak with regard to Handling and Accuracy, making them more balanced.
We removed all splash from Forge Guns (except Assault), Large Railgun and Large Blaster, added splash to Small Blasters to make them the anti-infantry Turret of choice, also increasing the rotation speed, range and Ammo.
Swarm Launcher Missiles are getting a small speed and acceleration buff, so they can actually catch up to Assault Dropships, but they are also getting a nerf in turning radius so they have to make wider turns.
We reduced the Rate of Fire of Small Railgun Turrets a little bit, as well as reducing the Assault Dropship ROF bonus to Small Turrets.
We also fixed both Large Missile and Large Railgun Turret damage profiles and took the Burst Heavy Machine Gun down a notch, as it was needed.
Roles, Dropsuits and Modules
We are buffing Logistics in a big way by changing the Nanite Injector to heal Shields as well. Now those prototype needles are sounding great, right?
Energizers, Rechargers and Regulators are all getting a CPU reduction, combined with Projectile damage profile, we believe this will make shield tanking considerably more viable.
Most Minmatar Dropsuits got a small eHP buff to bring racial parity.
For those that like Nova Knives -- and those who dont -- we have added a Nova Knife PG Optimization Skill, so be sure to look it up in the skill tree!
Vehicles and Vehicle Modules
Dropships are getting a welcome buff to eHP and PG/CPU as we want them to become more suitable as troop transports. A reduction in fitting costs and ISK costs for Small Turrets should assist with that. We are also reducing the cost of the Assault Dropship so they should be considerably less expensive to run, altogether.
We are increasing the cooldown period of the Fuel Injector and Afterburner modules to make sure that skilled pilots do not return too quickly to the engagement after being threatened or earlier at their own risk.
We also increased the Supply Depot radius so Vehicles, Dropships and Infantry do not need to get quite so close. We hope that this change increases the strategic importance of holding the Supply Depots in future battles.
Thats it from us for now. Please play, enjoy DUST 514, and use the opportunity to give us feedback on the Hotfix Delta changes, and remember: Hotfix Echo is just around the corner, waiting for your input.
CCP Rattati