From E-O forum:
Clones and Implants - Enhancements

As an update to an older proposal of mine, I wanted to bring this back up for discussion.

1. Ability to jump clone within the same station without destroying a jump clone if one is already present
Skill: Infomorph Bio-Management (Rank 8)
Desc: increases the number of jump clones able to be stored in a single station
Bonus: Increases the number of Jump Clones allowable in a single station by 1 per level (Note: Does not alter the total number available of Jump Clones provided by the Infomorph Psychology skill)
Prerequisite: Advanced Informorph Psychology 4
This allows further use of cloning services and further use of varied implant setups. Increases pilot options. It doesn't increase power projection across distance.

2. Ability to swap clones within w-space.
Either from a POS Clone Vat bay or a Rorq clone vat bay. These are possibly the most underused POS mods and capital mods in the game.
Note: this is not to clone jump out of w-space or back into w-space. Only to swap clones within the clone vat. All other jump clone timers/rules apply.
This has been requested numerous times over the years because wh combat gang compositions change rapidly depending on who you might be fighting or expecting to fight, and/or what effects the wh you're planning a fight in has. Jumping out to some empire location, to the JC, possibly on the other side of the universe from the location you found then slow boating back means that JCs aren't used to their full potential by worm players. This also offers added targets of interest in wormhole space as roaming groups could potentially destroy several high value clones by destroying an online clone vat bay.

3. Ability to alter the implants plugged in, both to jump clones and the existing "active clone."
This could be accomplished through the use of a skill (similar to reverse engineering) granting a % chance to succeed at removal of the implant in a functional state. This same skill could be leveraged to harvest implants from corpses.
Skill: Infomorph Augmentation Recovery (Rank 8)
Desc: Offers a 2% chance of salvaging implants from clone corpses or currently active jump clone
Bonus: Increases the chance of recovering implants by 2% per level
Prerequisite: Cybernetics 4 & Biology 4 & Nanite Operation 3

4. Clone implant harvesting (see #3).
A reason beyond the meta (bragging/trophy) to collect pod corpses.
Allows for additional gameplay options for battlefield salvagers
Could offer an interesting market possibility in salable corpses, corpse recovery services, scamming possibilities that in turn offer their own risk/reward etc.