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Thread: System Occupancy Scanner

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    September 30, 2011
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    System Occupancy Scanner

    I posted this over in F&I and thought I'd xpost for additional thoughts, critiques and refinement. This was written as an attempt to generate discussion on additional means of gathering intelligence/information on a particular system(s) via a deployable structure that has the potential to generate combat from the small gang level and up. CCP has stated that they are not happy with the some of the more prevalent and current methods of intel gathering (i.e. Local Chat). They have already removed API end points for kill data in w-space. Perhaps this is a more palatable option which also fits in with their increasing use of deployable/attackable structures.
    I'd like to propose an in-game method to gather intel that requires pilot initiative to both deploy/benefit from as well as counteract/remove. This takes the form of a deployable structure primarily intended to be used in the vast darkness of wormhole space.

    System Occupancy Surveillance

    This deployable structure would:
    Gather system-wide intel
    -- Not restricted by distance
    -- Records/reports average variance in detected levels of debris every 6 hours (intel is delayed - "due to vast distances signal must travel")
    -- Can differentiate between debris from sleeper technology and empire technology (detects various base components e.g. t1, t2, t3 and sleeper wrecks are all made from different components and would therefore have very different debris compositions)
    -- Can record delta of signatures and anomalies while active
    -- Can identify types of anomalies, NOT signatures
    Relay/report above intel to anchoring pilot/corp via new screen accessible in scanner window
    Be very difficult to find
    -- Along the lines of the 'Yurt' sensor strength
    Be relatively easy to kill (MTU levels of hitpoints)
    -- Open to ideas on what these drop/salvage but should be something used in their manufacture
    Generate killmail
    -- Why? because we love them
    Not show up on default overview
    Not create a warpable beacon (a la ESS)
    Need to be scanned down using combat probes
    -- Effort should be required to find and kill these
    Be anchored by pilot/corp
    Be scooped by pilot/corp
    Be player manufactured
    Cost roughly 150m ISK
    -- Expensive enough to not easily be abandoned or carelessly placed
    -- Expensive enough to warrant some time spent hunting it
    Can be hacked by anyone using existing data analyzer module
    -- Offers a 15% chance (tbd) on successful hack to alter the data reporting accuracy and frequency
    -- Offers a 5% chance to offline the mobile device
    -- Offers a 1% chance to unanchor the mobile device (could be scooped by anyone)

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    What do you have against a human gathering the intel? I really, really don't like automated systems to gather intel. Can you tell me more to convince me why this is an exception?

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    September 30, 2011
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    I don't have anything against human gathered Intel. In fact the last two systems that I've had a had in evicting/moving in I was one of the primary scouts/Intel gatherers. Weeks of direct observation to learn players names + ship types + common behaviors. So it is not a dislike of that activity which spawns this idea. That stuff is required and unavoidable.

    A common thing to look for in all hunting excursions is player activity. With current mechanics this is made either exceedingly rare and random because of timezone differences or exceedingly alt dependent based on the sheer number of systems that would be traversed every 24 hours.

    With this addition new gameplay would be opened up providing methods of gathering rough 'first pass' data at a cost, both in terms of isk (further benefiting the player driven economy) as well as the combat risk to deploy/hack/retrieve the device. And this is done in a manner that wouldn't require alts like many other aspects of Eve in order to be competitive or effective.
    Further along in the gameplay potential are new methods of espionage/counterespionage through hacking these devices (by other parties) and altering its effectiveness or efficiency all the way to potentially absconding with it. And while this hacking is taking place the pilot is open to attack.

    In the same vein as siphons, CCP has begun opening up opportunities to impact other players remotely. I think that this would be a novel way of adding to that theme but in a very extensible way.

    (Phone poast so grammar/punctuation might be off i'll clean it up if so later from desktop)

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