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Thread: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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    April 10, 2011
    It's fine, I'm just gonna start a new game more prepped for what I need to do. It only irks me because up to that point the game both gives you multiple options to deal with any situation & the story keeps making the point that charging in like that ends badly. Then after 30ish hours Henry shouts "gimmie back my sword" & get locked in a room with a guy you know you can't beat, only this time it's exactly the dumb hero bullshit moment I thought this game was mocking & you better have been working on those combat skills &/or luck out with bow shots to continue.

    edit: Doesn't help that this is also one of those Skyrim quest moments where the game is saying "slow down, buddy, maybe do something else" but the story is saying "Important shit is about to go down right now, hurry!"
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    April 10, 2011
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    yeh that was pretty jarring but what are you gonna do? not have a climactic boss fight?
    i suppose there could be an option where like a minute in the fight radzig and robard get through and ask if you need any help

    furthermore, training with bernard should be like mandatory or at least heavily hinted but then it's kinda woven into that hans bollocks as well
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    This is a game where body odor is a thing, so there's a lot to get your head around.

    this quote is making me think of actually buying this game
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