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Thread: Movie Thread - we have La La Landed on the Moon

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    July 3, 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by helgur View Post
    But as a movie about the escapades of David the Android spaceautist, and his increasingly mental adventures. Which more and more develops into sort of a Hannibal Lecter in space plot it works. Forget Alien and the xenomorps. This is about David. If you focus on that and don't take it too seriously, it kinda works.

    And it seems this is what they are going for aswell given the ending

    This is not Alien story , this is a story of android gone crazy.. the aliens are just side show here..

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    April 9, 2011
    Went to go watch The Lost City of Z after having read the book and glowing reviews Covenant got here.
    Holy shit what an awful piece of trash, I walked out after an hour and a half.

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    Should have went to Pirates. People say it's excellent, like the first one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Candy Crush View Post
    This is not Alien story , this is a story of android gone crazy
    The dude just has a massive inferiority complex, and wants to create life to prove to himself and his own creators (us) that davids everywhere are better than humans.

    Cole (if I may be so bold to drag in a character from another abomination of the franchise) was programmed to be an asshole. David is programmed to be a hole that needs to be filled with black goo injected abominations (and to push buttons. Lots of buttons).



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