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Thread: [PVP] Sleipnir

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    Seriously, you need to stop caring about EHP so much on active tanked ships this has gone on for years. They usually dont matter, something like alphaing through reps happens with frigates, not cruisers (and even there, almost never). And especially dual rep ships dont have to care much about it (see dual rep vexor as an example, or even the rare triple rep fit), having 2 reps cycle at different speeds means you get reps fairly often and regularly - on any armor dual rep cruiser about every 4.5 seconds. Which is more then enough. The only ships that offer the alpha but not the dps to straight up break you are 1400mm arty ships. Otherwise if the enemy fleet can go 100-0 in your armor in the time your rep takes to cycle you are screwed anyways.

    Also, while some BS are indeed garbage the addition of grapplers means that the turret ones actually are able to track frigates (web + grappler on target = you track anything if you pilot correctly) and the rhml ones (well, the floon, phoon and the barghest) are great because rhmls are insane. (most) BS on grid are super strong, the extra neut range you get, the mjd (which counters the kiting meta) or the speed of some (mach - which goes for 300ish mil atm) allows for very decent on grid mobility. And they all have very good range and insane dps. Its just that you cant roam with them with due their warp speed and agility. And the locking times are a fucking pain in the arse.
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    Grapplers only really work with an additional web.
    BS are still too slow to close the gap otherwise.

    Amarrian laser tracking is too weak still, and the slots suck for it.
    Minmatar tracking isn't very good, as a result only the Tempest hulls can run a dual 'web' setup without gimping the fit.
    Gallente tracking isn't too great for large ships either, but the Hyp has the best slots of all the T1 BS (imo) & the Mega has a tracking bonus.
    The Rokh is shite and running a Grappler isn't going to help you much when your tracking is shit.

    The BIGGEST strength that BS have over CS is their capacitor and ability to functionally buffer fit.

    To say EHP doesnt matter is a fucking joke.
    I've flown many many many many many dual rep cruisers of a variety of flavours.
    They EASILY get tipped and melted. Be it overwhelming dps or a slightly offset neut.

    A dual-rep deimos has something in the area of 12k ehp in armor. That is fucking nothing for a ship people will pile onto.
    The rep cycle time isn't exactly amazing either. Stock T2 reps are what, 7.5 seconds overloaded? heaven forbid someone shoots your resist hole.

    Tanking Command ships are more resilient than tanking HACs. End of story.
    BS are more resilient (and yes, cheaper) than either of them, but they are fucking SLOW and have a very hard time hitting smaller shit
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