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Hello! I run the Anoikis History Project , where we have a small team of people working to preserve the history of wormhole space in Eve.

I've been slowly absorbing this thread via osmosis, while I sleep, for the last several months, as it is one of the best primary sources that we have, outside of oral histories from individual players. However, it has only just now occurred to me that this site still functions as a forum, and that I can sign up, and post on it...

So, I would like to ask that those of you that see this post, and have any experience with wormhole space between its creation in 2009, and say 2018-2019, then I would love to talk to you. Let's get in contact, and talk about fringe play-styles in a cult-following MMO.

Many thanks,
Justin Long
Anoikis History Project
Linked your post to a couple of people on our alliance discord
(found out your already in touch with Capator )