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Thread: [Inquisitor]Heap Challenge: The Rules Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool09 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lana Torrin View Post
    Still have no idea what was going on... So much for watch and learn..
    Would a condensed, simplified version of the rules help?

    For example instead of :

    The Priest loses if less than a Quarter of his flock (Citizens) remain alive (minimum of 2)
    {At y-1 where roundup(y=(x-3)/4) where x=Total Players; (x-6) for games with an Interrogator and extra Cult}
    It could be:

    The priest needs a few of the citizens to remain alive at the end of the game.
    Then when the actual game starts the GM can clarify that for this game, the priest needs 4 to survive or w/e. The rules are full of jargon, which is great for being specific and non-ambiguous, but poor for someone like Lana who has no idea what is happening.
    Good point, I don't think I can do it though. Too technical for my own good.

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    April 25, 2011
    I don't think you can reasonably watch and learn these rules, you have to participate in a game to really get it.

    Thankfully now that we have some inquisitorheap vets, that should be doable

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    I would be up for another round if we want to try the modified rules again.



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