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Thread: The Goon Lands (Cloud Ring/Fade/Pure Blind/Deklein/Branch/Tenal)

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    July 30, 2011
    PL has been in Pure Blind for a week now; in that time, we've deliberately avoided doing any entosising outside of our staging system and the system right next door. Last night, Mordus Angels decided a a good way to convince us to go away was to entosis a couple of IHubs in Tribute. I'm sure this strategy will work out well for them. :thinking:

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    October 19, 2014

    Windjackal and friends catch this Rorq. We quickly form up Feroxes while burning some tackle to O-I (dead end cloud ring system). Cyno in, keep the rorq bubbled while eyes see Init forming snatch fleet. Rorq still in PANIC mode. Ceptors rush in to chase enemy frig warp in off field. Due to this the snatch fleet lands in a bubble by Hictor piloted by Clay Robertson. Stops them in perfect range to get wrecked by med rails. Hictor unknowingly infini points Init FC, melts him. Turn DPS on the rorq as the rest of snatch fleet cluelessly flails around in random directions. P cool kill, nice little skirmish. Rorq nerd ejected his expensive drones to lower killmail value.
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