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    There is filtering and searching on kanban boards and backlogs, you should also be able group stories by who they are assigned to.
    No, not on the boards. After selecting an iteration in the backlog, on the backlog 'tab' (it's not a tab, tabs would be visually useful and attractive, but that 'button' is basically a tab) you have the usual filter button. Click on 'board' and it's gone. Fucking. Why.

    You have to spend time creating a query and toggling all the dumb options to actually display tasks and stories like a sane kanban board to get a query with a board. It is ze vurst. I was told we got a plugin that fixes this part and the product owner did get it working for us. I'm just bitching about how hard it was.

    Quote Originally Posted by halbarad View Post
    It does suffer somewhat from being a very generic product but thankfully the extension engine is pretty good and they keep adding more, recently with a few more options around work items. Writing extensions for it is also pretty easy since it's usual typescript with some json configuration docs.
    It's not that anyone hates it because it lacks features. It's just basically impossible for anyone to sit down and start using, we have to onboard people to show them how to use what should be a replacement for a cork board and sticky notes. And we've all used other things like Jira, Version One, Target Process, Phabricator... They all had their warts, granted. This thing feels like the kanban boards were tacked on as an afterthought for simpletons who like to play with blocks, but I'm a simpleton who likes to play with blocks.

    This is just built with a different paradigm in mind. It's very enterprisey. I find that consumes more time than its worth. Maybe it's great if you have 1000 employees but we're about 100.

    Edit: Oh also it doesn't stop you from making nonsensical mistakes, like setting a task for a sprint 1 under a story that's on sprint 2. You can start the task before the story. How even...
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