View Full Version : [NEO] 18:25 - Match #40 Expendables vs Africa's Finest

Lorkin Desal
November 25 2012, 03:13:37 PM
Might we see cloaky basilisks of doom?

Tyrus Tenebros
November 25 2012, 03:44:41 PM
Might we see cloaky basilisks of doom?

How will we see them if they're cloaked?

November 25 2012, 04:38:59 PM
i think russians are angry now

calling rus

November 25 2012, 05:31:15 PM
Somehow paladins just don't cut it vs speed.

November 25 2012, 05:31:20 PM
Bait Cyclone ?

November 25 2012, 05:36:15 PM
MBIII and Raivi is a much better dynamic, Raivi is the knowledgeable one while MBIII is the comic foil.

Verone thinks he's the knowledgeable one but keeps talking rubbish, he either repeats what Raivi says but in a dumber way or makes flat out wrong statements.