View Full Version : [NEO] 20:15 - Match #21 CAS vs DeepWater

Lorkin Desal
November 18 2012, 12:27:21 PM
Deepwater brought ECM, hazed USTZ FHC. Go Go CAS. (Fuck ECM)

November 18 2012, 06:46:57 PM
Proper grudge match, this. Both of these teams live in the same system in syndicate. Been blown up by both on a number of occasions, though CAS moreso...

Tyrus Tenebros
November 18 2012, 08:10:42 PM

November 18 2012, 08:46:38 PM
CAS, team of my heart.

I've been wanting to see a shield vindi team ever since someone fielded it against me in AT practice. They are damn scary ships.