View Full Version : Animated ponies on your FHC

October 4 2012, 06:55:17 PM
So I got bored and found that the animated ponies who were once roaming FHC still exist in it's source code. If you'd make a new bookmark in your browser and put "javascript:start_ponies();" (without brackets) in it's location, you could click it while being on any page on FHC and have them roaming your browser again.
Don't know if any of you'd like it, but thought it was worth sharing.

OR, you could just, you know, enable the pony theme.... I R such a retard sometimes... /o\

EDIT: Might you want to unleash madness, make a bookmark with "javascript:var%20a=BrowserPonies.spawnRandom(30);" in it :D
Will p. much to this: