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August 16 2012, 12:10:49 PM
Basically, finishing up Amarr Cruiser V, then I'm training Logi V so Im really just looking for some tips (Beyond the full retard stuff like Rep Broadcasts, Broadcast when shot, orbit things).

I have Minny/Amarr/Gallent Cruiser V but tbh Ill probably just be flying Scimmy/Guard, generally it will be in 10-15 man 2-3 Scimi type set ups (so no anchoring or anything like that), but any big blob advice is cool too.


Daneel Trevize
August 16 2012, 12:13:00 PM
Don't try and rep people to full, rather keep them alive and as many reppers spare to cycle on a different target as possible. Also, as soon as possible, stagger the reps rather than have them all hit at once, especially if you're in a small gang (at larger numbers, the variation between people reacting & locking the target, plus those idiots not using hotkeys, will already spread the cycles out).

With armour reps especially, heating the first cycle per target switch can stop a fail-scade.

For flying in a cap chain, pay attention to being in any channel for it, and drop out/note in it/in fleet if you die/are jammed so it continues to remain effective. And watch when others are doing this to plug the gaps when it's your turn to (typically you chain with those 1 above and/or 1 below you alphabetically in that channel, though it might be done by a self-made logi squad watchlist section).

Personally as logi in fleets with small logi squads, I put the logi squad first in my watchlist, then any offgrid scout/booster to serve as a divider, then important people like tacklers and commanders. You should have multitasking to 3+ to be able to lock 10+ targets at once, prelock the important people, ensure your list of locked targets doesn't expand under some other UI, you'll want to be able to drag&drop reorder them as well as click the tiny activated-against modules icons to ensure you turn off the right reppers if you don't keep up with which hotkeyed ones are on who at the time.

Tyrus Tenebros
August 16 2012, 01:15:25 PM
Lock up your cap chain buddies every time you land on a grid. Doesn't matter what you're doing, just get in the habit of always starting the chain.

Oh and try to avoid the silly "always have one rep on cap buddy" or worse always having a rep on the FC.

If you're halfway decent youll be able to respond fast enough and if not there's a 99% chance that one cycling rep you've been wasting half the fight isn't going to stop an alphastrike anyways

Daneel Trevize
August 16 2012, 01:45:40 PM
Oh and try to avoid the silly "always have one rep on cap buddy" or worse always having a rep on the FC.Who does this?! :psyduck:
A lock, ok. A rep running?! Even with 3 logi that's 1 whole extra logi less in effect.

Tyrus Tenebros
August 16 2012, 02:19:07 PM
Oh and try to avoid the silly "always have one rep on cap buddy" or worse always having a rep on the FC.Who does this?! :psyduck:
A lock, ok. A rep running?! Even with 3 logi that's 1 whole extra logi less in effect.
I've heard it and seen it often enough that I thought it warranted mention.

August 16 2012, 02:37:36 PM
Prelock flimsy shit like recons, always have 8-9 targets locked. Have a shortcut for "unlock target" or use the default one (its alt+shift+click afaik).
Personally i dont do fleet members on overview. In smaller gangs you can have everyone on the watch list and nearly everyone locked anyway. You then focus on your positioning, the actual rep mod management isnt hard.
Dont become a drone who just presses orbit anchor and has no idea about his positioning, use tactical overlay.
You can fill your watchlist from d-scan, rightclick on entry -> add to watchlist.

August 16 2012, 03:30:20 PM
if you want to use heat, use it at the beginning when dps is worst (duh)...
RRs last quite long and heat dmg only gets risky at 95% or so

August 16 2012, 04:43:43 PM
Personally i dont do fleet members on overview. In smaller gangs you can have everyone on the watch list and nearly everyone locked anyway. You then focus on your positioning, the actual rep mod management isnt hard.

Watch list doesn't show distances, which is why you put gangmates on overview.

August 16 2012, 05:01:45 PM
Nah thats why you look at tactical and see how everyone is actually positioned in 3D.
But i guess it comes down to personal preference.

Straight Hustlin
August 16 2012, 08:00:53 PM
One of the most important things IMO is to have good overview setups. How you want them setup is going to differ based upon the type of gang your flying with. IIRC I had the following overview setups

1) Friendly Logi's, Command ships and/or T3's depending whats being used to boost the fleet & friendly dictors.

2) Important squishy ships, Recons & tacklers basically.

3) For bracket purposes I had one setup to show only hostile tacklers & recons so I know when they are getting to close for comfort.

Everything else thats been said is pretty spot on. Pre-lock as many important ships as you can. Stagger your cycles when you can. And communication within the logi group is the real key.

Also before I forget if your flying logi it is generally a good idea to remove broadcasts for target, cap needed & what ever type of repper your not carrying. If your flying a guardian you dont need to know who is the primary for the fleet, Your not going to break the cap chain to give some twazzer som cap, and you certainly dont care about asshole A in his drake wanting shields.

August 16 2012, 08:27:55 PM

First things first, and that's understanding that in a Scimi, Logi V isn't just good, it's required. On a Guardian it'll make very little difference, but it's god on a Scimi. Shield is easy mode because you can respond to damage. Meaning someone gets primaried, you can throw reps on them without any issues, as it will hit as soon as you turn it on. Armor not so much. With armor, you need to decide if they're actually being primaried, or if they're just retarded and calling for rep due to a stray Warrior II doing 3 damage to them, and you need to decide quickly. The rep will hit at the END of your cycle, so with 5 seconds of cycle time, if it's an arty fleet you'll need to have reps already active right around the time the damage arrives.

Things you need to be able to see by looking at the field and your overview:
-Frigate and Destroyer sized ships that are too close to you( >20km) or are burning for you
-Whoever is primary(visually confirming that they're primary by seeing the ship being shot is a big help)
-Direction the enemy fleet is traveling, and where they are in relation to you
-Anything with a neut being too damned close. This one is a hard one I'll talk about later.

Logi isn't like being in the rest of the fleet where you listen and do exactly what the FC says, shooting who he says and when he says to, aligning only where he tells you to. You are responsible for your own position on the field. If you're getting into a precarious position it's up to you to decide to warp out and back in, and up to you to know who to warp to, and what direction you need to warp away in so that you come back on your gang, 30km away from them instead of right in the middle of the enemy fleet(admittedly, your wreck might be useful as a warp in this way). A lot of times you'll find yourself orbitting something while the rest of the fleet aligns out so you can shrug off some of the damage that may come your way.

Lots of alliances use a Logi FC who you will usually stay near, however don't become complacent and just figure he's got it handled. Losing your Scimi isn't just losing that 100m+ ship, it's losing that logi capability of your fleet too. You represent more than just some DPS, you're the backbone of fleets in today's EVE. If your Logi FC is being stupid, PIPE THE FUCK UP and make sure it gets fixed, for your own benefit and the benefit of the fleet. If nothing else, fix it yourself so you don't die. 1 Logi is better than 0.

You're also going to want to make sure your broadcast window is large enough for you to see at least 5 broadcasts back. I personally leave my overview hostile and use broadcasts only, however I know that's not everyone's choice, figure out what works for you. You're also going to want to make sure you can see the fight too. Especially in a Guardian, it's important to know who's actually being shot(yea, those lasers moving through space actually have a purpose). I also remove broadcasts of anything other than what I need. Targets and the opposite rep type(armor if Scimi, Shield if Guardian, always Hull) should be turned off.

Killmail whoring as has been mentioned is stupid. Either fly a Logi, or get killmails. Not both. Your drones should be all logi, and I like to carry a set of armor in my Scimi for repping up after the fight. Obviously a preference thing.

If you've got something burning for you to end up on top of you for a warp in, the first reaction most people have on their first time out is to shit themselves and burn away. Trust me, you're not going to burn away from a frigate. He's fast and you're not. Warping out is your best decision, but be sure again that you know where to warp away to. Remember that it's up to you, not the FC to know where the right warpout is to. If your fleet is aligning towards something, that's likely a good warp out.

Neuts are the worst thing you'll ever encounter. Damage can be repped; ECM just stops some reps, it's not the end of your day; drones won't kill you that fast; frigates can be killed; but neuts will fuck you up. They kill your hardeners, reps, and AB/MWD. The hard part here is how far can a neut reach. Daypitoum mentioned the reference 25km for a large, 12km for a med, 35-42km for a Curse, but don't forget that every so often that large Curse neut will show up to really ruin your day. 75km(88km with a faction) is a long ass distance to try to get away from a neut. The only answer to this is to ask the FC to kill it, or pray you outrun it(unlikely).

Most parts of logi seem complex but are actually easy. Actual repping isn't hard once you get the hang of it and know how many reps to put on one person and when to overload. The real challenge is to know where to be in the fleet, how to get there, and how to stay there.

Daneel Trevize
August 16 2012, 08:40:15 PM
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