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April 22 2011, 11:58:37 AM
Okay, here's the situation:

One of our alliance corps have set up a POS in a WH-space. One of their members claims to know that WH spaces start "dieing", when POSes are set up in it, meaning the rate of sig-spawning decreases over time. He can't provide any evidence off the internet, he only bases his theory on his observation. He persists on his opinion, that before they set up their POS they had "at least 20 sigs anytime", while now they're "lucky when we get 5 sigs a day".

I don't really believe this, but maybe I missed something... no WH-Space tutorial etc. says something like that...

Can anyone confirm this dieing of WH-space? Or is it just bullshit?

Rudolf Miller
April 22 2011, 12:53:23 PM
IIRC the harder a system is farmed in general the fewer sigs respawn in a WH. The POS is just an assisting factor and people who have a POS in system would rationally spend more time in that WH farming the sigs.

Can't say for sure though. Paging two step.

Rutger Centemus
April 22 2011, 01:15:01 PM
Been said before, saw some discussions on that topic on eve-o (I think) a year ago. Unless things changed recently, it's not true.
Then again, most people tend to not look at their own system wrt farming W-space, but are interested in (and depend on) their static destination for farming.

April 22 2011, 04:28:35 PM
ITT cause and effect.

April 22 2011, 06:43:36 PM
It works the same as anomalies.
If you go to a deserted system you will often find a lot of signature, and i mean a lot, however you're not likely to find them in highly traveled systems.
When you farm a WH you start doing the signatures on the system and said signatures start spawning in less populated WH's.
In short, setting up a POS on a system doesnt decrease the appearance of signatures, you being there and farming everyday does.
DO what you're supposed to do: Jump to adjacent systems and do the signatures there

April 22 2011, 08:33:51 PM
It also doesn't help that you most likely will have derpey members warping to sigs.

~Rumor~ If you warp to sigs they will despawn on their normal timer, or quicker. By warp I mean just start warp and get the popups.

Just moved into a c5 with like 20+ sigs, started warp to all the sites and a few days later there's only 3 sigs total, including one "hostile" wormhole's static and our static.

April 22 2011, 11:29:52 PM
Initiating (or landing, there isn't any good way to test a difference) warp to a signature does indeed force that signature into existence. From that point, it will begin its normal set of completion triggers, such as site completed (via killing a certain npc/object), warping out (certain DED sites do this), or time expired. POS has no impact whatsoever on the sites you find in a system, but your presence will. By completing sites, they will go and respawn elsewhere. Over time, sites will naturally accumulate in systems that nobody goes to, as opposed to where everybody is constantly scanning. Non-activated sites last considerably longer that activated sites, so an empty system will build up a reservoir of them.

At any rate, you chose the wormhole for its statics, not the sites there on your move-in day. Think of those as a homecoming present, not the reason to set up the pos.

April 23 2011, 01:56:33 PM
As has already been said, POS in system has no effect on spawn rate for new sigs.

Another option to the "farm your static!" stuff that has already been mentioned is just living in a c6. Due to the high activity rate there and relatively few number of C6 systems, the local spawn rate there is quite good. We usually have been 3 and 5 anoms actively being worked each day, with occasional spikes up to 9 or 10 when particularly lucky.