View Full Version : Recomend me phone-call recording software

April 20 2011, 11:19:29 AM
Controvention! That's what it is! Automated calls without subscription is not allowed and still... they come. So I want to record them so I can ID the voice talent by public appeal so I (we the poeple) can petition him to reveal un to us the cunts making the calls and have a quango smash their teeth down and seize their modems.

Doors. I don't advocate violence.


Anyway - always record the calls; that's lesson one.

Anyone know of any good free (internet free is good enough) call recording stuff? I want to log time, date, record both sides (preferably seperatley) and caller ID shizzle would be a bonus.

April 20 2011, 12:37:21 PM
They still do that shit? :popcorn: