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April 17 2011, 11:10:14 AM
So, decided i want to DM another game.
Mission will be the same as the one i am DMing at Stormhammer.

What i am searching for:
-Dark Heresy, new chars, spend XP, keep thrones.
-Roll stats, 1 reroll allowed
-Random appearance
-core rulebook and inquisitors handbook allowed, no special planets tho
-Donīt use the starter XP packs except you really really want to
-Looking at 6-8 players.
-Would prefer people who can play from work or at least read once daily, so the game does not drop to the second page
-No stormhammer guys as players and do not spoil it here please.
-No munchkins, if someone starts heavily powergaming i will throw Chaos Spacemarines at you

How i play (taken from the Stormhammer-thread):

GM rant incoming so listen up before i get more PMs.

This is grimdark. This is not some fluffy universe with unicorns and fluffy carebears around every corner. There is only war. bla bla bla
For me the whole imperium is Nazi-Germany only worse and still they are the good guys. Every single planet or fort in that case is a nazigermany outpost oversees under pressure from partisans and spies. Every soldier is heavily indoctrinated and ready to fuck your shit up if some higher up points your direction. You will not respawn when i decide to kill your char. Your stuff will not just take some durability damage and you wake up in the safehouse if you fuck up and there is no healer around to heal your lost soulenergy after soulwalking out of trouble.
I said it before and will say it again, i am not tempering the dice for you, i am not going easy to make it more enjoyable and i will not hold back to hurt your chars if they act stupid. You know the rules, you know what your char should be capable of. And never forget you are not some military-special-elite-undercover-infiltration-kommando-rambo but rank 1 400XP noobs. I donīt care about your backstory because if you did it right you just left home. The soldier is a trooper, the adept was probably making pencils pointy. This is a mission to proof yourself and not fight the 14th black crusade in the making.
And i am not going to take your hand and guide you through the game. I made up a very rough storyline including some NPCs and many locations you can visit. We are going to have our twists if you survive long enough and i hope everyone enjoys the story if our group manages to follow the clues along. But i am not going to help you play the game. If you fuck up a pretty easy throw by a fuckton and then just take it up the ass by the GM without even thinking about a fate point even when you have multiple hours to think about it it is not my problem. When i first played the game i used 3/4 fatepoints and nobody told me to. If you are not capable of doing the same, sorry, your ass is going to get burned. If i happen to roll a head shot with max damage with a handgun lateron and kill one of you guys by exploding head and he does not react i am not going to PM you and tell you to burn a fatepoint to survive. I will just take you off my list of characters and thatīs it.

1. grimdark
2. i donīt care
3. you are a noob
4. know your rules
5. fate points
6. you are all going to die

First come first serve. Do not forget such games can take well over a few month so do not sign up if you do not plan on finishing the game.