View Full Version : Thukker Large Shield Extenders - SOLD - CLOSED

April 13 2011, 07:41:36 PM
3 mods sold ingame for 175M/pcs
2 mods sold to FHC member for 150M/pcs

I got these 5 rare-mods for your pimp fits of t3/faction BS.

Shield Bonus - 2625
Signature Radius Bonus - 20m
They are out on contracts for 175M/pcs

I am willing to sell them individually for 150M/pcs or 125M/pcs as bulk to FHC recognized chars - although this is now a bit more dificult.

Rovla Ska - Princess La

Mangala Solaris
April 14 2011, 09:02:01 AM
Do me a pair?

Same character name as forum name.

April 14 2011, 06:37:01 PM
Thank you for your order.

Contract is up for you in Jita for 3 days.

I got 3 more still available.

Mangala Solaris
April 14 2011, 06:48:21 PM
Accepted thanks.

Grarr Dexx
April 14 2011, 09:21:48 PM
Still doing thukker missions huh?

April 14 2011, 10:47:19 PM
;) Grarr it is slow very fucking slow. Any specific interest? and you can help by buying the last 3 mods :twisted: .


Grarr Dexx
April 15 2011, 04:39:38 PM
I'm still poor, sorry :p

April 17 2011, 01:42:08 PM
These nice rare mods still available.

Take them off my hands :evil: .

April 21 2011, 09:39:06 PM
Get these of my hand.

You know you want to have them.

I am open to some additional discount - just dont try to rip me to much :twisted: .