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November 30 2011, 05:02:26 PM
Alright, so I need to set up a research POS in highsec. There are already good threads on how to do this and whatnot, however I have 1 question that doesn't appear to be answered (and if it is, please kindly point the way to it.) I know about the service corps one can hire to make a corp with the NPC faction standing needed to anchor the tower, or to improve the standings of an existing corp to do the same.

The alternative is to grind up the faction standing yourself (being that this will be a 1-man corp, or 3-man at most) but that's where my question lies - if one were to grind the needed standing using the various methods and means available, how much of a hit do the opposing faction(s) incur on you?

For example, if I grind up to +5.0 standing with Amarr, how much will the Minmatar and Gallente hate on me for that? I really don't care what my drop in standing with those factions will be as long as I'm not KOS with them. Is it possible?

Space Panda
November 30 2011, 05:09:03 PM
just decline every mission that is against the main empire factions. or just put one up in lowsec. if you put hardeners on it, nobody is gonna fucking shoot it unless they really hate you. hell, it's probably safer in lowsec.

November 30 2011, 05:14:03 PM
Yeah, I could just toss one up in a quiet lowsec pocket that has a station, but I'm just trying to be informed regarding all the options.

Regarding standing increases, I've been under the impression that regardless of whether you decline missions that are against the opposing faction or not, that any increase in standing with a given faction will incur some degree of a decrease in standing with the opposing faction(s).

So if I do a storyline mission that has me pew'ing drones for an Amarr agent, for example, I'll get a bump on my Amarr faction standing for completing that mission, but Minmatar and Gallente would incur a "Derived Modification" standing decrease. Basically, they would be pissed at me because the Amarr gave me props. Haters gonna hate, but how much is my question.

Space Panda
November 30 2011, 05:17:40 PM
nah that isn't true, or at least isn't true to the degree that you are thinking, as far as i know. i have an alt with like 9.0 caldari but can still travel through all empires. also, there is the diplomacy skill to mitigate negative standings.

there are storyline missions that aren't against enemy factions, so you won't have to decline all of them.

who cares though. put it up in lowsex. it's more fun.

November 30 2011, 09:10:57 PM
if you do missions for Amarr, then your standings with Gallente and Minmatar will drop to -2 Gallente and -5 Minmatar. They will only go lower if you shoot gallente or minmatar npcs.

December 1 2011, 03:11:45 PM
Good lord don't grind the standings.....just buy a corp with standings. They usually go for 80 - 100 mil and you can pick your name for it. You can also get a dude to join your corp to raise your standings. Just....good lord don't grind the standings yourself (or, if you do, get in the business of making corps.)

February 21 2012, 09:07:58 AM
Grinding faction standings isn't that bad if you do it via cosmos missions and data centers; can be done in a day or so. Doing it via storylines would be terrible, though. The impact on 'enemy' faction standings is low and can be mitigated by training diplomacy up to IV; atm I'm +7.7 to amarr and +7 to caldari but only -2.85 to gallente and -2.84 to minmatar.