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April 13 2011, 11:18:28 AM
What's good in the world of Netbooks, now that Sandy Bridge and Fusion have dropped?

I need something:

With good battery life[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]
Non-shitty resolution[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]
Will run Ubuntu Netbook[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]
For coding (text editor + compiler) and reading PDFs, no snazzy graphics needed[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]
(^ But not huge programs, so CPU doesn't have to be awesome)[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]
Shipping in the UK now[/*:m:3fr2rjsd]

Battery is a biggy, if possible, because I can't always get power outlets on flights. Bonus points for hot-swappable battery, though I doubt any netbooks have those.

April 13 2011, 12:53:26 PM
whilst technically not a netbook I just got one of these and can highly recommend it

http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ASUS_UL3 ... 68303.html (http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ASUS_UL30A-QX328V_1068303.html)

I used the code APR-01 to get a further 50 off making it 320 at the time, although the main price has dropped by 20 now, not sure if that code will still work

I seem to be getting around 6-8 hours out of it doing normal stuff

April 13 2011, 02:09:06 PM
I had a netbook for a while and it just didn't cut it. It was too weak to do everything I wanted while being slightly too big to be a truly mobile device. Like callista says go for a decent 13 incher with either a large battery or a spare.

I sold my netbook and now go smartphone for at work/everyday browsing ---> full basic core i3 lappy for when I absolutely need a full PC on the move ----> big fuck off power sucking gaming PC at home for all those vidya games I never play anymore (I really should sell the thing).

Posting a razor smiley cos lol wtf :razor:

April 13 2011, 02:22:57 PM
wtb ubuntu tablet

April 13 2011, 02:37:33 PM
Ah, I didn't know you could get that sort of battery life in a 13" (without the Apple tax).

That Asus looks perfect, and it's cheap.

Ryas Nia
April 13 2011, 03:40:55 PM
the apple tax is not that bad for the mac book air since it also comes with a decent screen and SSD by default, but yeah a ULV cpu is the way to go.

I do like my wifes MB Air though :)

April 13 2011, 03:55:04 PM
I use my netbook (and asus eee 1000h) for basically what you want to use it for and one thing I would really recommend is to make absolutely certain that ubuntu netbook will play nicely with your wireless. Mine's given me no end of trouble and just flat out refuses to work now.

Other than that Ubuntu netbook is pretty great. I'd very highly recommend getting a quakelike terminal like Tilda (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilda_(software)) (it's in the repositories; there's a couple of them but tilda's the one I settled on). Even though UNR has a much better ui other netbook OSes touchpads are still awful and it's just much easier to just do things in a terminal than to push a mouse cursor around* and it's much nicer to just hit f12 for the terminal window than to alt tab around trying to find it.

*Also nautilus sucks and if I do my own file manipulation I don't end up with a mess of symlinks tyvm.

April 13 2011, 05:16:22 PM
get an ipad

April 14 2011, 02:59:56 PM
Samsung NC10 here.

Will run Windows 7 and just about runs VS2010, but melts with anything beyond that. Its an old model, so expect to pay ~250 on eBay.

Standard battery gives ~3.5h with WiFi; plus you can get cheap 6-cell batteries on the web, which push it upto ~6h with WiFi (or 8h+ without WiFi!). I'm probably going to drop an SSD in mine, once the prices come down, for 10h+ lifetime.

I've taken it on a few work conferences now, and I absolutely love it. Use the large battery in the morning, the smaller one just after lunch (if required); and then charge them overnight or whilst at the pub. Can't recommend it enough. Its build fairly well too.

April 14 2011, 09:23:21 PM
2 Weeks ago picked up a Toshiba NB550D-109 (http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/product/Toshiba-NB550D-109/1101103/toshibaShop/false/) for someone at work, very nice - feels well built, nice screen and long battery life. Resolution is a bit odd and the brown cover is ok.

I'd buy one for myself expect I'd love something with better graphics. I have a couple of AMD E350 powered PC's at work which I plan to try EVE on (E350 is a faster+better graphics version of the C50 used above).

April 15 2011, 03:08:34 PM
Got myself an Samsung NF310 to replace my old, failing, NC10. Very happy with it, it is basically the NC10, with a better keyboard, a better touchpad and a 1366 screen instead of the 1024 one (most Netbooks *still* have the shitty 1024 resolution). Battery life under win7 is 5 hours.

I have no clue whatsoever how good Ubuntu runs on it though. But if you want a "high" resolution netbook the NF310 is currently the best bet.

Standard battery gives ~3.5h with WiFi; plus you can get cheap 6-cell batteries on the web, which push it upto ~6h with WiFi (or 8h+ without WiFi!). I'm probably going to drop an SSD in mine, once the prices come down, for 10h+ lifetime.

You do not get any real power savings with an SSD. Had one in my NC10 (which is now in my NF310), run time difference is 10 minutes at the very best. An SSD needs less power than an HD, but the HD in the NC10 already needs very little power, so there is no real difference.
The only advantage is that loading and stuff happens way faster. Which is a major one, mind you, I did not regret getting an SSS for it.