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Originally posted by Mr Snaffle

The Datacore Formula

RP per day = ((1+(EQ/100))*((Agent Skill+Your Skill)*(Agent Skill+Your Skill))) * FM

RP per datacore = 50 * FM

Agent Effective Quality (EQ)
This is the base quality of the agent, plus 5 for every level of the Negotiation skill you have, plus 1 if you have the Connections skill at 3 or plus 2 if you have the Connections skill at 5.

Agent Skill / Your Skill
This is the level of skill in the relevant research field. You can find the Agent's skill in their Show Info.

Field Multiplier (FM)
This is a fudge left over from the BPO lottery. Some research fields give you more RP / day but the RP cost of the datacores is higher so they cancel eachother out.

NPC Corps With R&D Agents

Core Complexion
Boundless Creation
Thukker Mix

Carthum Conglomerate
Khanid Innovation

Kaalakiota Corporation
Lai Dai
Ishukone Corporation

Roden Shipyards
Duvolle Laboratories

Datacore types

Pre-requesite skills listed in brackets, both need to be level 5.

Datacore - Amarrian Starship Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Caldari Starship Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Electromagnetic Physics (Sience & Electronics)
Datacore - Electronic Engineering (Science & Electronics)
Datacore - Gallentean Starship Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Graviton Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - High Energy Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Hydromagnetic Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Laser Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Minmatar Starship Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Molecular Engineering (Science & Mechanic)
Datacore - Nanite Engineering (Science & Electronics)
Datacore - Nuclear Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Plasma Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Quantum Physics (Science & Engineering)
Datacore - Rocket Science (Science & Mechanic)

Activating R&D Agents

All you have to do is talk to them and say you want them to carry out some research for you. If you have the required skills and standings they will ask you which research field you wish to carry out your research in.

You will then recieve a fixed amount of RP (see the formula at the start of this thread) every day until you tell the agent to stop researching.

You can then claim datacores in exchange for a fixed number of RP (see the formula at the start of this thread) and do with them what you will.

R&D Missions

Once you have activated an R&D agent they will issue you a mission once per day. You do not have to carry out the mission, it will not have any negative effect if you do not. If you choose to carry out the mission then you recieve RP as a reward, equivalent to the number of RP you recieve each day. If you do not carry out the mission the agent will stop sending you mission requests until the next time you speak to them.

Skill Requirements For R&D Agents

You will need:

Science 5
Research Field Skill 1+

The research field skill will have two pre-requesities. One will be Science 5, the other will be Mechanic 5, Engineering 5 or Electronics 5 depending on the field skill.

In order to run more than one R&D agent you will need:

Research 5
Laboratory Operation 5
Research Project Management 1+

Each level in Research Project Management will allow you to run one additional R&D agent up to the maximum of 6.

In order to maximise your RP yield you will want:

Negotiation 1+
Connections 1+

Both skills increase the Effective Quality of the R&D agent and will increase you RP yield as a result. Connections may also allow you to access higher level R&D agents due to increased standings.

Bugs with R&D Agents

The main bug is that if you increase the effective quality of an R&D agent by increasing your level in Negotiation or Connections this will not have any effect until you talk the R&D agent, at which point the RP yield will be re-calculated and you will start getting the extra RP. Training levels in the Research Field Skill is not effected by this bug and has an immediate effect on RP yield.


NPC Corp standings do not effect the amount of RP you get from an R&D agent but do effect which agents you can use.

Connections, because it increases the Agents standings towards you, will increase RP yield but only by a small amount and only at level 3 (1.00 standing, +1 EQ) and level 5 (2.00 standing, +2 EQ). It may also give you access to higher level agents by increasing NPC Corp standings.

In order to gain access to high level agents you will need to grind standings with the NPC Corp your R&D agent belongs to. You can grind standings for the NPC faction and these will help, but they will only get you so far as there is a NPC Corp standing requirement for each R&D Agent and faction standings will not do the job on their own.

You can get access to some low quality level 2 R&D agents if you have connections 4+ and a positive unmodified standing towards the R&D corp. With these you can gain over 50 RP/day per agent without any standings grind.

I won't go into any detail on standings grind here as there is plenty of information available elsewhere (and in the following posts) on how to grind up standings quickly.

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April 13 2011, 12:07:33 AM

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April 13 2011, 12:26:38 AM
Which combat agents are closest to an R&D storyline agent:


Rutger Centemus
April 13 2011, 11:07:55 AM
Re: standings: last few months, running the daily missions for the agents actually slightly increases the standings towards the agent and their corp, which should help getting access to more / better agents and iirc a slight increase in RP and thus datacores.

Re: standingsgrind: most people seem to just (semi-)afk run courier missions. Imo, it's sometimes a better option to keep track of the number of missions you run (per level per faction), and try to time the 16th missions of the same level and faction so the closest storyline-agent in the same type of space (low sec, high sec or 0.0) is of the R&D-corp you want to get standings with. Storylinemissions can give good boosts to corpstandings, which can be a 'nicer' (slightly less eyebleeding) way to get the standings you want. If you're grinding up multiple characters, remember that factionstandings gained from storylines don't share within a fleet, but corp standings will get shared within fleet.