View Full Version : New EP reset mechanism, coming August 22nd.

August 3 2011, 02:42:38 PM
Repost from DERP private forum.

From the Help channel today (I edited out some unrelated bullshit in the middle):

[19:51:57] <Quafe> whats gonachange with the reset account option at 22 aug ?
[19:52:53] <GM Blaster> Hawk: 1.01 repu at least
[19:53:08] <GM Blaster> Quafe it will change a lot
[19:53:18] <GM Blaster> hold on a bit and I'll get some details
[19:53:36] <Aypse> thanks Blaster, I was looking for that info also
[19:53:55] <Quafe> cool
[19:54:19] <GM Blaster> so, the main thing is that we will take away the reset, there won't be reset
[19:54:21] <GM Blaster> but
[19:54:50] <GM Blaster> you will be able to lvl up extensions, then if you change your mind, reduce the lvl of extensions you don't want
[19:54:57] <GM Blaster> and spend the EP for something else
[19:55:19] <GM Blaster> there will be some restrictions to it though
[19:55:46] <Quafe> ok thx for info
[19:55:54] <GM Blaster> eg. any extension that has reached lvl 6 can't be reduced
[19:56:37] <GM Blaster> also we will provide everyone with a "one last time" free reset, including those who already used the reset
[19:59:46] <GM Blaster> well, right now this is our take on this, we might change our minds, but right now we see it best this way
[19:59:46] <DJ P0n3> how will it affect people who reset multiple times and paid a penalty?
[20:00:10] <GM Blaster> as I said: free reset
[20:00:23] <GM Blaster> those who used it will also have this option free of any charge
[20:00:29] <Dreadchain> So will old players be able to substract skills as well? I wanna get rid of my autocannon skills :(
[20:00:46] <GM Blaster> now that is a good question
[20:00:56] <DJ P0n3> so will lost ep from previous penalties regain their lost ep?
[20:01:10] <GM Blaster> as far as I know it will have a timer
[20:01:20] <GM Blaster> like 40 days or sg
[20:01:37] <GM Blaster> after 40 days its locked, so you won't be able to add and subtract
[20:02:14] <GM Blaster> DJP0n3, no, previus penalties will remain
[20:02:30] <GM Blaster> just no further penalties