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July 30 2011, 05:43:53 PM
In caldari space, pref. Citadel.

Mods I will be requiring (you don't have to have them, but I won't require anything else)

Local repx2

CCC rigs obv

I guess a couple of IN EANMs

10 or so fighters (or 12 i dunno lol)

A regular selection of tech one and some tech two and some logi/jamming drones

ALSO if you have a amarr carrier skillbook lying around (I CAN TRY)

July 31 2011, 09:13:26 PM
I got one in Domain region I'm not using anymore.
Hull with 3 ccc I rigs, 10 templars, 4 firbolgs, 1 dragonfly, 2 local reps, 1 rr, and some assorted T2 stuff.
Make me an offer I can't refuse.
No triage mod fitted though I do still have one in Devoid region if needed.

July 31 2011, 09:33:29 PM
Would you move it

July 31 2011, 09:43:36 PM
Closed all but one account, I got no more cyno alts left, and my main is sitting in an altcorp ready to go into at least a year of hibernation.
So I can't move it unfortunately, but it is in a rather quiet system.

Sofia Roseburn
July 31 2011, 10:16:01 PM
It's not really an option for me to collect it unless it's really close to The Citadel.

August 1 2011, 08:19:47 AM
Cheers for letting me know, Soffles.
I'll put up a WTS thread soonish then, cba to arrange a move myself.