View Full Version : XBox Issue (fixed)

Varicose Brains
July 30 2011, 01:12:24 PM
Alright, this is weird. I have a newish XBox 360 Slim model. Normally when I switch it on, or change discs, it makes a noise. Today, both mine and my brother's console have stopped making these noises when we switch on our consoles, or change discs. I can't seem to find anything on Google. I've asked on another forum too - no replies yet. I thought I'd try here as well and see if anyone has any ideas on what's causing this.

EDIT: Issue solved. Someone on the other forum told me to unplug it for a few minutes. Sorted now. If a mod wants to delete this thread go ahead.

Mr Marram
July 31 2011, 01:02:42 AM
+1 is a go.