View Full Version : 2 PVP corps looking for new home

July 28 2011, 08:29:18 PM
Original Sin. (formerly with PHEW) - killboard (http://uncasolty.com)
Volatile Instability (formerly with PHEW) - killboard (http://vol.killmail.org)

We're a package deal looking for a new home.

What turns us on:
Low Sec (not null, thanks.)
PVP alliance with a good track record
Midget amputee pr0n
Fat chicks with huge bazongas
People that recognize that really, EVE is a game about internet spaceships. Not real life.
The ability to earn isk while not PVPing

What turns us off:
People that don't recognize that real live > EVE.
People that think that yelling at or belittling others publicly is fun
General asshattery
Sitting on a titan for 8 hours waiting with a fleet of battleships and capitals waiting to hotdrop a drake.
Grenade fishing

So... with that in mind - if you think you have something that might turn us on, gimme a yell in game - Le Soltueur - or send me an evemail.
If you just post a link to some random website or recruitment ad, I'm not gonna look at it so save us both some time.


Sofia Roseburn
July 28 2011, 08:41:11 PM
Locked until the retarded OP sends me a PM explaining why he doesn't read the rules of the recruitment forum.