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July 26 2011, 04:52:20 PM
So lately my 3-4 year old system is starting to feel a little outdated, and I've been considering upgrading a few components (also because I'm frankly awaiting one or more to go on the fritz in the near future, because my motherboard has been acting up a little).

Currently have the following specs:

GPU: Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850
PSU: Zalman ZM600-HP, 600 Watt
Motherboard: Asus P572N-T Premium
Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro | FREEZER 7 PRO
RAM: OCZ DDR2, I don't know. Keeps fucking up on me though.

So I was thinking of grabbing the motherboard, processor and RAM from Ryas' high end April config, but perhaps things have changed and I should really be waiting a few months for something specific to come out, or perhaps my PSU won't be enough to handle a quadcore or some other thing. Any suggestions on what I should be replacing to get the most bang for my bucks? Technically my setup isn't too bad, but it's definitely having some trouble with Witcher 2, for example, and I've had a few issues that seem to show its age, as apart from the GPU it's 4 years since I last did an upgrade.

Any help is much appreciated and will be reciprocated with hugs and other assorted e-showing of appreciation and affection.

Ryas Nia
July 26 2011, 05:02:30 PM
PSU should be fine, as for my high end rig, i would look at the mobo but TBH i dont think the CPU is worth the money the i5 is the better value and only slightly slower.

you can get away with the gfx card if you want but an upgrade wouldent hurt.

July 26 2011, 06:12:22 PM
I have something quite similar (slightly lower spec in fact), and I'm still perfectly happy with it. Your GPU is recent and that's probably the most important thing. If you don't already have an SSD in there you might consider adding one, perhaps?

July 26 2011, 06:23:44 PM
I thought the ati 5870 was one of the better newer graphic cards, what do you recommend I should upgrade to?

Ryas Nia
July 26 2011, 06:28:23 PM
lol totaly read the model wrong thought it was a mid range damn you AMD for making the 6900 high range and the 6800 midrange. Yeah that gfx is fine more ram or SSD might be a decent investment but your cpu should be fine on modern games just done run so much shit in the background :P

You could also try overclocking the CPU, and maybe do a bios update on the motherboard.

But you should not need to upgrade yet.

July 26 2011, 06:32:39 PM
That's my point, and Ryas is saying the same - you're not going to gain a great deal from upgrading it any further, unless you play new games at very high resolutions with lots of AA. I've got a 5850 that's almost 2 years old and it still serves me perfectly well at 3840 x 1024 (although I did need to clean it out (http://imgur.com/a/rfazF) recently).

July 26 2011, 06:47:36 PM
I'd get an i5, new mobo, and at least 4gb of DDR3 (I'd probably get 8gb since its dirt cheap nowadays). Only a few hundred bucks, and you'll have an awesome system.

July 27 2011, 01:12:34 AM
Upgrade/get second/third monitor. That thing should run most things smooth, wait until new games that pressure you to upgrade come up. I know its hard, I have a similar setup and I yearn to build a new pc but tbh my E8400 overclocked dual core and 9800gtx runs all the stuff I want it to run. Only new game im looking forward to is BF3 (end of year) and it comes in handy that new stuff from intel will be arriving then, also bulldozer will have been out for some time by then so prices on high mhz ddr3 will have dropped I'm expecting.

In the end its your choice.

July 27 2011, 06:29:00 AM
prices on high mhz ddr3 will have dropped I'm expecting

Don't bother, 1600 is about the sweet spot (although the performance difference between it and 1333 is pretty minimal as well), anything above that will give you pretty much no extra performance.
Case in point, Anandtech just did an article on DDR3 on Sandy Bridge: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4503/sandy-bridge-memory-scaling-choosing-the-best-ddr3
Whether high MHz DDR3 scales better on Bulldozer, who knows? we'll have to wait and see.

July 27 2011, 11:36:17 AM
Thanks for all the responses. :)

I find it peculiar that everyone seems to note my rig should still perform well, yet it really struggles with things like Fallout New Vegas, Witcher 2 etc, even on medium/lower settings. =\

Is there any obvious reason for lower performance than it should have? (I've had the feeling before that my rig is underperforming..)

Zekk Pacus
July 27 2011, 01:05:30 PM
How much RAM do you have?

If you don't have 4gb (and you're running 64bit OS) try turning it into 4GB.

How much HDD space have you got? Is the SATA controller set to AHCI mode in BIOS (compatible/enhanced are IDE emulation and can really slow down data throughput).

EDIT: For reference, my last rig was Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 (2.66Ghz), nVidia GeForce 9800GT, and 4GB DDR2-800 RAM, and it would play Fallout:NV med/high settings @ 1920*1080 no bother.