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Marlona Sky
July 26 2011, 05:50:25 PM
So I have an idea that I have been discussing with the DEV's about an ongoing picture of the beta island political life, specifically robots shooting other robots. They are very interested and would like to get an outline/format of what it would be.

The idea is to keep players in on the going pew pew out there and bring the combat to life with content. Battle reports in a nut shell and who is jerking off who out there. Not some piece of shit COAD crap that is on the eve-o forums. They would like to see a format so to speak of how it would look and such to help assist.

So what is a good battle report? Easy to read with a slight slant and high res pics? I am also wanting to get some standard movement maps on the battle reports and corporation activities. You know with those cool arrows that showed this battalion came from over this hill here, and this platoon moved in from the south area to the enemy at this spot over here, type things.

How much man power would be needed to keep this legit and great to read? I really believe all combat has a story and that is what I want this to give to the readers. I good story on the pew pew of Perpetuum.

Need input, input!

July 26 2011, 06:24:14 PM
As someone coming from EVE you should know by now what a good battlereport is. Granted this isn't EVE and we're working with different entities and weapons but you should be able to fill in the blanks.

Obviously you need to progress down the logical questions: Who is fighting? When did this happen? Why are they fighting? How are they fighting?

When did this happen? Obviously the time.

Who is fighting? This can be filled in with the political entities and worked down to specific groups/platoons/squads/individuals.

Why are they fighting? Someone slagged someone's mother, someone has a chip on their shoulder, someone wants to rule the world, etc. Again you can work this down to specifics and even include the political process and communications that led to this.

How are they fighting? This is where you discuss strategy and tactics. Work your way down to specifics such as maneuvers performed and how the FCs worked the battle. Finally include what weapons platforms, platoon compositions, etc.

If you want flavor obviously have someone with a good literary sense write it. Pictures, as you mentioned, are always great to have. Videos, doubly so.