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Lowa [NSN]
July 13 2011, 04:28:16 PM
Or how I surrendered to the thought of no longer having a clue at home computers. Fuck you Enterprise job!

Bought new wireless gear for home (Netgear N750 (WNDR4000) Dualband mother with 300 and 450 Mbit speeds, media server etc.
It also has the option to connect an external drive to it and use it as a low-low-end network device.
It worked fine setting it up and I'm happily reading/writing files to the different shares I made.

Now...music and files plays fine over the network. Movies do not.
Or rather WindowsXP and the Media Player tells med it cant play "Game.of.Thrones.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-FEVER.avi" due to not recognizing the format.
I have installed the CCCP pack etc and if I play that Game.of.Thrones.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-FEVER.avi from the local laptop drive it works fine.

I ofc noticed that when playing it locally the CCCP/Decoding icons shows up in the tool bar and they ofc DONT turn up when playing the file over the network.
Why is that and how can I work myself around it?

I have become a user. Feel free to burn me severely while helping out.


Dark Flare
July 13 2011, 05:23:24 PM
Stop watching SD rips. GoT deserves HD.

balistic void
July 13 2011, 05:27:50 PM
It's using microsoft media server or some shit to stream it, not the same as just copying file.

Takon Orlani
July 13 2011, 06:09:17 PM
Host it on one computer, share it with the other. Done. Skip the nether thinger they have.

July 14 2011, 04:22:23 AM
use tversity... all your problems solved

July 14 2011, 07:03:13 AM


Seems pretty straightforward to me.
No windows media server shenanigans involved.

Can you copy files from the USB share to your local drives ?

Lowa [NSN]
July 14 2011, 09:16:33 AM
Stop watching SD rips. GoT deserves HD.
I knew someone would take a hit on that, I even predicted it to be the first post! :D
But yes. I will stop being lame and go proper HD once I get my new tv, laptop and desktop.

Will check out some media center solutions, that "tversity" looked nice except for the re-coding part. Probably doesnt lower the quality much though.

@Takon: I am. So to speak, the wireless router is the "host" and it shares the files.
@Stoffl: Yes, the basic setup works, I can read and write files to the shares without a problem. Its not a router/share issue, its a windows issue... :P

I'm not saying this is the final setup by any means, I will most likely move to a proper network device (or turn my old desktop into one) later this year when all other new stuff is in place and I will have it setup with a "media center" of some sort.
Its just that I wanted to try out the router features. :P


July 14 2011, 09:24:01 AM
So you can watch movies from the USB share with VLC ?

Lowa [NSN]
July 14 2011, 04:24:17 PM
Never tried that tbh, installed XBMC and that takes care of business nicely. After I deleted those awful Xvids and got my self some proper HD-files. :P
Sadly, it seems that at least my old EVE movies wont play well either.

Now I have another problem... I also bought a USB-wifi adapter, Netgear N600 (WNDA3100), to use on my old desktop.
I thought wth, I just put it in the closet and have some extra space to store and stream stuff from.
It installs fine, the software fines it ok, it connects fine to the router (both using the "N" connect as well as manual connect), and it gets an IP.

But it wont let me access the internet with it. Or the shares on the router.

If I hook up a cable from the desktop to the router it works fine.

I hate it when things just dont instantly work. Its 2011 ffs! :rage: :)

balistic void
July 14 2011, 05:48:03 PM
Make sure it's set to "private network" or "work network". If you set it to public it basically firewalls everything.

Lowa [NSN]
July 14 2011, 06:00:59 PM
And where do I set that? Hehe...

But shit doesnt stop there! So, i took that adapter over to my laptop (both computers are Dell btw. And old.) to see if it would work.
It did. But it didnt work when I used the Netgear software to connect.
As the laptop is a Dell it has a broadcom wifi built into it and as soon as the netgear adapter installed the broadcom software (or dell wireless wlan utility bla bla bla) started.
I then configured my connection through that manager instead of the netgear one and... viola! Im on the internet!

Great thinks I and goes through a little trouble getting that broadcom manager installed on my desktop compu.
Does teh same procedure and... FU. FU right in the ear! What worked on the laptop doesnt work on the desktop it seems.

This shit is why people turn to apple these days...

balistic void
July 14 2011, 06:16:04 PM
When you connect to a new wifi network it should prompt you for home/work/public network type. Remove the network and connect again.

Lowa [NSN]
July 14 2011, 06:49:37 PM
It actually doesnt do that. Honestly dont remember ever getting that question... I've set up the router with two wifi nets (its dual band after all) and its WPA2 secured.
The only thing I have to input regardless of what utility I use to connect with is the network key.

But I'm getting more and more inclined to say its the Desktop acting up...it has some issues connecting via direct cable as well, I have to restart it after having tried with the wifi to make it access internet and it never used to be like that.
Maybe it didnt like moving to a new apartment as much as I did...

So...I'm just gonna put this thing back in the closet for now. I fuckin hate computers.

Lowa [NSN]
July 15 2011, 10:43:15 AM
Almost 100% sure its the desktop, I tried streaming some of those Xvid's via XBMC to my laptop (who has a lot less power, ram, gfx and potential wifi-speed) and it worked just fine.
Also worked fine to stream using classic windows MP, that old girl never lets you down. :P

So and complete reinstall is probably whats needed and since that is such a fuckin pain these days I think I'm just going to buy something new instead. Its long overdue anyway.

balistic void
July 15 2011, 11:40:11 AM
There is a "always treat networks I connect to as public in future" checkbox, maybe you clicked that?

Not sure how to access the setting, I don't got wifi on this work pc. It's in there somewhere.

July 15 2011, 12:11:53 PM
Just a heads up, if you stream true HD with wifi, you might struggle with jitter/lag . This has been the problem for others due to wifi not being able to handle the
amount of data needed to stream true HD. This can be a problem that's solved now. Don't know what the maximum capacity are nowdays for wifi.

Lowa [NSN]
July 15 2011, 12:26:16 PM
Well...it could be that the desktop (and laptop) still has XP, not sure that feature exists there. *presents face for a good ol' slapping*

Regardless if I'm right about that or not, thats why I'm so out of touch these days, I simply isnt the pc nerd I used to be, the guy that used to reinstall windows 3.11 three times a week because it (or I) broke something while trying to "make it better". Or the guy that has run all version of windows in early Beta until (XP really) just for the fun of it.
I havent touched anything after XP in any shape other than "usage" and even that is limited. I simply dont have the time (and perhaps also less interest) anymore.
I still know how to move around a lot of OS's its just that when it comes down to details (out side how to configure stuff against storage systems) I'm pretty much lost.

Need to get back in to that...I dont like to describe myself as a noob, it hurts my once upon a time very dedicated computer geek soul. :D

Lowa [NSN]
July 15 2011, 12:34:35 PM
Just a heads up, if you stream true HD with wifi, you might struggle with jitter/lag . This has been the problem for others due to wifi not being able to handle the
amount of data needed to stream true HD. This can be a problem that's solved now. Don't know what the maximum capacity are nowdays for wifi.
It seems to work, admittedly I havent tried a true HD/BlueRay stream (only slightly compressed torrent stuff), I made sure to buy the fastest wifi kit I could find.
The Netgear router is GBit on the physical ports and can do 300Mbit and 450Mbit on each wifi channel.

The USB-wifi adapter connects at 300Mbit so that should be fine if the computer it self can sustain that (my shit laptop can not) but at it could do GoT 720p rips with its internal wifi at 54Mbit.
I need to test more to be sure of course but will probably take a few weeks before all the other gear is in place.

The documentation for both the router and USB-wifi states that it can do HD streaming but on the other hand it doesnt specify any details on that...

Raine Woot
July 16 2011, 06:31:22 PM
XP definitely doesn't have the home/public network feature, I think BV missed you mentioning you were using that earlier. You should either use no manager for the wifi cards (except what XP has to select which wifi network to use of course) or the one that came on a disc / from the manufacturer's website for your specific OS. You may have installed something meant for vista/7 and hence it's not working. If you reinstall a manager, make sure to uninstall all others thoroughly before doing so. I would also recommend getting a new PC with 7 on it, there'll be less compatibility issues with new stuff between 7 and new hardware. I know getting my old XP dell set up as an HTPC took some headscratching, and that was using wired connections.

Lowa [NSN]
July 16 2011, 07:04:45 PM
Well, to BV's defense I kinda forgot to mention that until that post... :

I will be getting new stuff hence new versions of Windows as well. Right now I would say its a bit if throwing diamonds to cows or something (they will eat and like them but in the end they come out as shit anyway) using what I bought with my 6 year old gear.
I wanted to try it, if it worked nice, then I could maybe survive over the summer without having to get new stuff. :)

balistic void
July 17 2011, 01:22:45 PM
Oops, yeah true :) Does media center work at all with XP? Maybe upgrade to w7 would make everything magically work?

Lowa [NSN]
July 25 2011, 02:57:41 PM
:shame: well, no need to upgrade this old shit, I might as well wait until I get some new stuff. :)

Off to start another topic as well...coming to think about it, maybe I should upgrade anyway...