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Desert Fox
July 12 2011, 01:36:11 PM
I'm about to inherit a new computer but due to the size of the new case it won't fit on the desk the same as my current tower does. At the moment I reckon it will sit about 2 metres away from where the screen, mouse and keyboard have to be. I don't trust wireless input devices and hate having to switch batteries so I'm sticking to a USB mouse and keyboard. Is a USB hub the best way to get the extra length necessary to connect the cables or will the extra wire length be especially detrimental or noticeable to response times and general usage? Thanks in advance for responses and sorry if it's a stupid question.

July 12 2011, 02:13:16 PM
Can't imagine a 2m length of cable will affect the response time. If you do buy a USB hub, make sure it can power both your mouse and keyboard at the same time. That would be down to how much power your keyboard and mouse use and how much power the USB ports on your computer can pump out (some newer motherboards have USB slots that support several powered devices from one port via a hub).

That said, I can't imagine it would be a problem. I used to plug my USB mouse into my keyboard and they both used to run fine. An iPod Shuffle, on the other hand, wouldn't charge from the keyboard.

If you're concerned about having to switch batteries on your mouse, check out the Gigabyte ECO500 (http://www.guru3d.com/news/gigabyte-eco500-wireless-mouse-with-12-month-battery-life/). Its battery is meant to last 12 months, though it's not been released yet and I'm not entirely sure when it will be released or how much it'll cost.

July 12 2011, 02:56:40 PM
Just use a USB extention. They're fine.

Desert Fox
July 12 2011, 06:59:09 PM
Cheers for the replies guys. The hub I'm eyeing up looks like it should come with an AC power option, so I don't think power consumption will be an issue if I go down that route. I'll also probably need an extension cable for the hub, just means I have one long cable running up the desk instead of two. It'll also be nice to have a slot for other USB gadgets that don't require me to constantly go up and down the room its in. I'm guessing that USB extention cables follow the rule that you get what you pay for?

balistic void
July 12 2011, 09:38:00 PM
Wireless keyboards are fine, never had any problems with those (except for BLUETOOTH which is shit). Get any non-bluetooth wireless keyboard, it will work fine for you. K800 is a sexy keyboard, just don't spill anything on it (scissor switch mechanisms will easily gum up).

Wireless mouse is another story. Again avoid bluetooth, in my experience it is dodgy at best, and useless for gaming. I use a logitech G700 wireless mouse, and it works perfectly, even at 2m range. Also, you can plug it in and use via cable if you want (also recharges off the same cable, microusb <-> usb). Some people say the logitech MX Performance mouse is good, but I found it to be dodgy for gaming, also it doesn't offer a cabled mode (only for chargin).

Note that your experience may vary depending on how electromagnetically noisy your local environment is (ie if there are lots of other people using wifi nearby). I would have agreed with you about not trusting wireless in the past, but you should give it another go - just make sure you try good gear is all. Bluetooth is woeful, and I reckon it put a lot of people off wireless peripherals. Couldn't even transmit fucking stereo audio using it in the near past, let alone a low latency high fidelity signal for a gaming mouse :lol:

July 12 2011, 09:41:15 PM
Don't faff around with hubs unless you've run out of ports. Just get things like this:


July 12 2011, 11:15:21 PM
Don't faff around with hubs unless you've run out of ports. Just get things like this:


quotin this. My dad had 2 hubs hooked up to his pc, wound up shorting out the motherboard with 10 devices connects via USB. Just use a straight extension like Wrack suggested.

Desert Fox
July 12 2011, 11:47:05 PM
Cheers for all the help and advice guys :)

July 13 2011, 07:34:58 PM
Having a hub on your desk is useful for other reasons... You may wish you had gotten a hub later.

I keep my mouse plugged into it with no problem. I really don't think you need to use the AC adapter for a fucking kb/mouse either.

Straight Hustlin
July 13 2011, 08:02:40 PM
you only need the power if using a device that has some real draw like charging a cellphone or camera through USB