View Full Version : Highsec PvP Corp - Alpha Males

July 8 2011, 01:42:42 PM
I might make an alt corp to put Ohh Yeah in so as to not further slather the reputation of -10.0 with my incessant e-peen waving and General Chat sperging.

Naturally this will be an ALPHA ISLAND PVP ONLY corporation. Beta islands are for communist blobbing neckbeards. There will be PvP, chestbeating, and ~honoure~. We will be ALPHA MALES.

If you want to join you should be good @ PvP in this robots game and not a huge faggot (by these tenants I will not be joining). I am not trying to steal members from DERP because most DERP members are pants-on-head fucking retarded. At the present, both myself and my bro in this are ranked top 10 on perp-kill. Get on our level etc.

Don't expect any benefits or corp assistance because fuck you. We're like Orphanage with spider-legged mechanized walkers.

tl;dr - I'm surrounding myself with competant robot commanders so I can brag about myself in chat. You're probably not welcome.

Gix Tyrionn
July 8 2011, 04:54:30 PM
How big does my epeen have to be in feet?

July 8 2011, 05:15:14 PM
If you measure your epeen in mere feet you are not a viable candidate.