View Full Version : Medium shield boosters

July 8 2011, 11:14:59 AM
I obtained a medium dg shield booster and was trying to find a use for it but it seems cruiser sized vessels work best with large boosters and frig sized vessels work best with small booster

Anyone know of a ship this thing will be at home on? best i could come up with was a jaguar

July 8 2011, 11:57:08 AM
If not Jag, the Hawk, or a Merlin if you're feeling crazy.

Rudolf Miller
July 8 2011, 02:21:03 PM
The DG med requires a stupid amount of cap to run for a frigate. It only has value because pithum c-type med boosters are crazy expensive by comparison. It can work on a cruiser if you have cap/fitting issues though.

July 11 2011, 02:24:17 AM