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July 5 2011, 10:10:25 AM
Interestingly enough, there is no thread about this game.

First I need to ask: When you come to year 19xx/2000, when your term ends, can you continue playing without the score being recorded?
But then, how does this play to you guys that have it? I've not played it much yet, but I'm able to make my islands pretty sufficient from early logging industry, with lumber and furniture to follow. Not yet found a comprehensive statistic that tells me if there is enough food or not, and that sometimes bugs me. Randomly ending up with food shortages and upsetting the commies.

Is there a reward to playing this game in a not-appease-everyone way? In most scenarios and sandbox modes it's not overly difficult to be a good ruler with a lot of popularity - although I've not personallly climbed past 54% overall happiness yet.

Omega Supreme
July 5 2011, 08:06:26 PM
Yes you can continue playing far as I know. Build tobacco farms early, enjoy your easy money tbh. Ranches for food.

July 5 2011, 11:03:05 PM
It's really quite easy and this game doesn't have any rewards in the long run tbh. As soon as you start up your mine, oil well or tobacco plantage you will be rolling in money. Which you invest in your population and schooling but not much in fun activities. Then you invest more into industry until you are drowning in money and make your citizens super happy by providing them cheap housing which you fund through your socialist ways. I tended to play every map about this way and it works for all but those that have heavy political swings where revolutions tend to be more frequent and sizeable.

Unfortunately the game seems to run into end-game content really soon as after a while you will probably be at 3x speed just to get on with it and with a sizeable army and a happy population rebels are none existent.

July 6 2011, 06:42:14 PM
Playing most of the game at 3x speed has been a problem with all three Tropico games.

July 6 2011, 11:31:34 PM
The military/battle part of the game is just :psyduck:
Very pretty game though, and I imagine it would've been a fully fledged city-builder if it was moddable and buildings could be created. God, that'd be great in fact.