View Full Version : AI War: Fleet Command

Dark 0men
July 3 2011, 02:16:53 AM
Anybody here play AI War? Y'all should buy (http://store.steampowered.com/app/40400/) it and play with me.

AI War is an RTS game with spaceships. You play against an AI solo or multiplayer. You build a blob of ships, then capture planets until you win^W^Wthe AI stomps you because you captured too many planets instead of killing the AI home command stations. There's three expansions, the whole thing is $15. Games can be pretty long (7-8ish hours).

Anyway, if anybody is interested, install Hamachi and add Ancorehraq on Steam.

Zacheria Malfor
July 3 2011, 09:39:37 AM
Absolutely fantastic game but I can't say I play it that much, I find it very addictive and can easily sit in front of the computer for at least 6 hours while playing it without realising.