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June 29 2011, 12:23:51 AM
Ostensibly, the only content that is going to be in Incarna for quite a while is going to be bars, minigames, and casinos. With the way CCP is going, if this content is only accessed by having to pay Aurum to open up your own establishment, do you find that acceptable? It's technically vanity since these station establishments won't really affect the gameplay of EVE, but I personally think this is taking MTs too far. I'd rather have these be a simple ISK sink to open up.

June 29 2011, 12:33:40 AM

No I do not

There should allways be a free version. If there are nicer, bigger, different versions available for AUR ok. But there must be a non MT version of all functionality available.

June 29 2011, 12:44:31 AM
Free versions with more interesting content for AUR. The same goes for the decor you'll get for establishments and your CQ.

I get the feeling having a popular establishment will be less about what you can sell and more about the atmosphere you can provide, which means it will come down to AUR regardless. This is all assuming that CCP can actually pull it off and everyone's establishment doesn't look like the same cookiecutter box because of a lack of options.

June 29 2011, 12:46:17 AM
With all the investment that's gone into the Incarna feature, everyone should be able to enjoy what it has to offer, if not in super-fancy form, to a fully functional degree. Holding content hostage in this $15 a month game is not acceptable.

June 29 2011, 01:29:37 AM
don't really care about AUR for incarna only stuff.
given that you can use plex -> aur -> isk, it don't change much things for me.
if it does not affect space gameplay, and price is right i don't care

June 29 2011, 01:39:03 AM
I don't think AUR should be required to open an establishment. If they wanted to charge AUR for upgrading it, say extra floor space or something, I wouldn't care.

June 29 2011, 01:43:48 AM
Would prefer many of these things to be not-100%-Aurum payments, but mixed isk/aur.

Mike deVoid
June 29 2011, 02:51:04 AM
Ensure there is basic functionality available for all, and then allow players to peacock their establishments with AURUM-bought vanity items.

IMO, the poll should allow these options:

"Yes, all establishment content behind an AURUM paywall"
"No, basic gameplay and functionality is free but vanity 'premium' items available via AURUM/player market"
"No, all establishment content should be player produced/isk fees only"
"Don't know/don't care"

Herschel Yamamoto
June 29 2011, 04:40:48 AM
If this is a vanity transaction, then it implies that Incarna has no content whatsoever. And if that's the case, then I'll be so pissed at CCP for this white elephant that I won't give a fuck how badly they shit it up with MT nonsense.

June 29 2011, 07:55:52 AM
Decorations? Maybe. Functionality? No.

June 29 2011, 03:56:15 PM
I don't see a problem with this because I am sure that not only will the spaces be limited, but they also will be used to making aur/isk for those running them.

Beyond that each corp with an office in a station should have a storefront, office and/or social space included in the cost of renting an office in that station.

Of course this is for NPC stations, for Alliance owned stations the alliance owning the station should be the ones to profit from the station spaces.

June 30 2011, 02:13:45 AM
limiting features from the beginning based on AUR will just kill things off too fast, so a no for me.

on the longer run, why not?, as long as it wont give you a clear advantage over the obvious.