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June 28 2011, 11:09:31 PM
So recently my computers memory usage has skyrocketed. I have that little widget that monitors CPU and RAM and my RAM never goes below 45% anymore. previously on startup before starting any programs my memory idled at about 10-15%. I have looked through task manager for any processes that are using alot of memory and i can't find anything.

balistic void
June 29 2011, 08:34:01 AM
Is it causing problems? This is working as designed, windows should automatically cached your most often used stuff in RAM. If it isn't causing you problem then ignore it.

June 29 2011, 10:48:05 AM
open task manager, go to the performance tab. Check the numbers under Physical Memory.

Total = your total physical memory
Cached = amount of memory dedicated to your disk-cache
Available = amount of memory that can be used for applications (including most of the disk cache)
Free = amount of memory that isn't used right now

Available is your real "available" memory. Windows uses your free ram as disk cache to increase performance. Try loading a huge file (like a map in WoT) twice after just booting. It's a lot quicker the second time because of this.

June 29 2011, 07:07:52 PM
its not causing any problems it just seems weird that all of the sudden my computer is using alot more memory when idle

Joe Appleby
June 30 2011, 09:52:10 AM
I did not know Windows was doing this. Thanks Waaga!