View Full Version : PC acting up

Ladel Teravada
June 27 2011, 07:16:24 PM
My pc just started acting up. Internet connection drops out on me, its acting sluggish as all hell, eve drops every 2-3 minutes.

Any ideas?

Takon Orlani
June 27 2011, 07:17:17 PM
Reset your router/network card.

June 27 2011, 09:02:32 PM
Antivirus / anti-malware?

June 28 2011, 11:17:32 AM
Right click your task bar, click "tast manager". Go to "performance" and see how CPU/memory usage is.
Then check "Processes", click "show processes from all users", sort by CPU-use and see which one is eating up all that cpu.