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May 7 2017, 02:57:18 PM

So I'm getting back in to this game again. What's are currently the most OP planes in this game? Is it still all Russian stuff? How good are US or Brits?

May 8 2017, 03:41:33 PM
SpaceFire Mk24 got a BR nerf, so now it meets early jets all the time, but it's still one of the best superprops, only rival is really the Bearcat, which is also very viable. The Mk22 is still a beast, though and still clubs everything it meets at 6.3, and if you want Mk22/24-like performance at an even lower BR, go for the Seafire FR47 @ 6.0.

In the US tree, the clubber is hands down the Bearcat aka F8F-1B. The 'Stangs are crappy, due to the recent nerfs in .50cals (Everyone has self-sealing fueltanks now, it seems) but if you wanna go DAKKADAKKA, I'd say use the P-47N-15. XP-55 is also really hard to destroy, if the pilot knows what he's doing and how to BnZ proper(Goes for 80% of US/Germ fighters though).

Been ages since I flew USSR, and they lack 6.7 planes, but Yak-9T is still deadly and it's fun to oneshot planes with a good shot.

That said, if you just want the most OP plane and disregards anything related to skills, go for the Tu-4, bomb bases and harvest salt all day. It's a B-29 with more bombs(12t of ordinance) and more teeth(5x2 23mm turrets in 360 coverage). Only plane that's able to kill it without being destroyed in the process, is a good Hunter F1 pilot.

May 25 2017, 09:35:32 AM
50 cals got a huge buff recently. So anything with them.

I Would like to point special attention to the Japanese Corsair, which is godly now. due to its tier and 50 cals. and ammo count.

March 3 2021, 04:16:06 AM
Here's an OP plane: