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January 9 2016, 12:02:43 AM
http://coriolis.io/outfit/federal_assault_ship/26A6A5A5A6A4A4C1d1d2a2a0l0004044a5i32292727.Iw18cQ ==.IwBhrSqiSA==?bn=Fed%20Ass%20Rails

This is my favorite ship with the current load out i'm testing.
Rails are hilarious vs large ships, absolutely demolishes anacondas and the likes.

Can use most weapon combinations you prefer with little hassle in terms of fitting it.

Have tried large beams and multicannons, Large bursts with scatter cannons etc. everything works.

This is basically Vulture mk2 with better top speed and more firepower, a most excellent combat boat

January 9 2016, 12:08:56 AM
http://coriolis.io/outfit/federal_assault_ship/26A6A5A5A6A4A4C2b2b2g2g0l000404B22d2b292727.Iw18cQ ==.IwBhrSqiSA==?bn=Fed%20Ass%20Rails

January 14 2016, 06:33:15 PM
Tried a few different fits on the Federal Gunship, verdict: doesnt reach the assault ship to its knees for belt ratting nevermind pvp, where it is way too slow.
It very ponderous and doesnt pitch well at all. It can pack a lot of firepower, but your firing window is so small that you get less effective damage on target anyway.

Its very good at shredding small ships in an all turret config, but anacondas and most other ships drives circles around you even with nav assist off making use of the punchier weapons hard.
All in all I wont recommend it much

January 17 2016, 02:55:07 AM
http://coriolis.io/outfit/federal_assault_ship/26A6A5A5A6A4A4C2b2b1g1g0l0707074a5i2b292727.Iw18cQ ==.IwBhrSqiSA==?bn=Fed%20Ass%20Plasma

Just gave this fit a try, hilarious amount of damage, hilarious amount of heat.
One volley is almost enough to oneshot a viper from full shields :D
Being plasmas its not stellar vs multiple small ships, but it melts large/medium ships like theres no tomorrow.

January 17 2016, 07:52:02 AM
http://coriolis.io/outfit/fer_de_lance/26A5A4A4D6A4D3C2c1g1g1g1g0000020n0404B25d326b2f.Iw 18aQ==.IwBhrSutlI==

January 17 2016, 09:17:52 PM
Think I have to grind up my fed standings, the Fed assault looks very nice indeed.