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Takeshi Nuwen
October 10 2015, 04:43:45 PM

Yay, musical episode!
Diamond Tiara character redemption!
"Aww sugarcube, if mom and dad were here, they'd be so proud of you" :(
Would have exptected the crusaders to get their cutie marks in a season finale... but then, today marks the 5th anniversary of MLP:FiM, so I guess they were going for something special (my god, has it really been five years already?!)
The episode felt a bit rushed, like a certain other musical episode
Not sure how to feel about uniform cutie marks

October 10 2015, 05:15:37 PM
Just finished watching. Really liked it despite it being another redeeming episode for an old villain. They did a good job of making me actually feel sorry for that shit screb.

Than the final moments of the episode happened. All I can imagine happening now is



October 10 2015, 07:29:49 PM
RIP in Canon, Apple parents o7

October 10 2015, 08:38:49 PM

October 10 2015, 09:10:37 PM

October 11 2015, 04:38:49 AM
There's actually no spoilers in here, but I didn't want to be the combo breaker. :p

Five years already? Didn't think that was until November.

Anyways, I'm okay with the cutie marks they got. If Sweetie Belle didn't get something music-related and Apple Bloom didn't get something apple-related, then I would be mad.

Verite Rendition
October 11 2015, 09:12:54 AM
Why is half of this in spoiler tags? Episode threads have always been spoiler zones.:p

RIP in Canon, Apple parents o7Don't tear up. Don't tear up. Don't tear... aww crap. They managed to get the requisite amount of heartwarming moments in there in all of about 15 seconds between the Apple family and RD & Scoots. Though it does make one wonder where Sweetie Belle's parents are since we know they live near-by.

I need some time to digest that episode since it's basically a massive plot bomb. It really does feel like a season finale at times, especially since it had so many musical numbers in it and shook up the status quo.

On the plus side, the CMC's quest was definitely starting to feel dragged out, and we've had plenty of Diamond Tiara as the villain of the week episodes. So this forces the writers to close the door on those plots. And even Diamond Tiara getting a chance at redemption after so many episodes of being the bully sits okay with me, if only because they did such a great job turning her previous personality into a larger thread about her relationship with her mother (I love that her nose is literally turned up, it's so fitting).

As for their matching cutie marks, eh... I have a good idea of why this was done, because now this gives the writers plenty of chances to still write CMC adventure stories and have them face adversity together. None the less, these bother me. We know what their special talents are: singing, building, and scooters. Layering a second symbol on them is sort of a cop-out solution to the fact that they essentially all got a single generic mark. It's certainly not what we expected, but it's also not what should have been. Also, their marks look terrible with the zoom-in walk cycle. I don't know if it's the shape or the size, but the Mane 6's marks don't look so oddly stretched when they're in motion.

Also, I agree with whoever said this episode feels rushed. The problem with combining a major plot episode with a major music episode is that it limits the number of scenes and exposition. Each song is 2+ minutes with limited ability to reveal new information. Had this not been a musical episode it probably would have paced better, though I'm not sure it would have felt quite as special in the end. In any case, the voting song is definitely the highlight due to the CMCs and Diamond Tiara going back and forth (and we even got a bit of Silver Spoon singing). The other songs were good as well, though I think the fact that every song was a CMC song and held to a handful of styles handicapped things a bit. Magical Mystery Cure got to do a wider variety of styles and is probably the stronger episode despite being even more rushed (since there never was any build up to Princess Twilight in previous episodes). Still, I'm glad that a full-on musical episode was not a one-off ordeal and that the series will get at least a couple of them.

Random asides: Filthy Rich is credited as speaking in this episode, but I don't recall as hearing anything? Meanwhile "Spoiled Rich" feels wrong for Diamond Tiara's mother; it seems like she should be another Diamond. Oh, and a Fleur Dis Lee + Fancy Pants sighting!

December 7 2015, 09:34:46 PM
Finally got to continue watching S5 and decided to go to this one first.

Had a smile on my face entire time, and tears in the end.

Very very good one, could have certainly been a season ender, maybe even the show ender.

December 7 2015, 11:04:22 PM

I think it's safe to say that Crusaders of the Lost Mark was the highest payoff episode of the season.

December 8 2015, 03:00:16 PM

CMC voices are so deep now...