View Full Version : Exploit 'Punishment'

January 12 2015, 03:10:36 PM
So, I get an email from FDev...

Hello Commander,

We believe your account has taken advantage of exploits in the game and as such we have removed credits (and assets where appropriate) from your Commander.

If you believe this to be in error, please create a ticket at; https://support.elitedangerous.com under the category of “Exploit” (please do not reply to this email) – we will then investigate further into your account.

Kind Regards

The Frontier Team

To say this pissed me off is a major understatement, since I'm one of the few who didn't take advantage of the Founder's World discount bug (I'm presuming that's the exploit in question as I've been docked at Jameson Memorial for over a week). But I log in to find no missing equipment, my Asp is still there and outfitted as normal, and my credit balance actually seems to be higher than it was before.

Anyone else get this?

January 12 2015, 03:21:23 PM
Nop, though I did try to gain a cheaper ship @Founders. I'd guess your account just got flagged & corrected with an algorithm. Make ticket and see the response?

January 12 2015, 06:15:09 PM
I got this, see the announcements thread. Same situation as you - have outfitted a ship or two there but never deliberately exploited. Lots of people in the same boat, expecting to hear apologetic announcements this week as it's clearly in error.

January 13 2015, 12:19:09 AM
They do seem to have just run a script that whacks anyone who's bought and sold stuff in FW during the time the bug was exploitable. Pretty brain dead to not check that they actually made some money before sending out nastygrams.

Thought about submitting a ticket but I think I'll wait to see what happens to people who have. No sense in giving FDev any reason to pull yet more incompetent shit with my account.

January 13 2015, 07:12:03 PM
Received a reply. It's on my phone so not easily quotable, but I've been told that

'there are some very benign reasons your account may have been flagged to be included in the sweep, so I don't think this is anything to worry about if you've not noticed anything missing from your account.'

It also confirms this is a one time thing and that accounts aren't being marked in any way. As expected then, storm in a teacup.