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June 9 2011, 01:10:56 PM
Someone asked on TS last night for a vaguely literate neckbeard to do a brief writeup of the what/why/how of our little safari into CEVE, but I was too damn tired and didn't write it down or ask for the contact info.

Still needed? If so, who should it be sent to? And if not, be sure to drop a link when it's up so we can check it out.

June 9 2011, 01:19:18 PM
I'd say not yet. Let's give ourselves a chance to get established. Give it two weeks. See who sticks around after trial and then revisit this idea.

Just my opinion.

June 9 2011, 01:22:23 PM
Yeah I'd keep it as quiet as possible for now at least until we get basically settled.

June 9 2011, 01:24:34 PM
(twas me)

after we settle down would like a relatively literate neckbeard to write about 750 words about our (fail)xploits for an en24 article :)

June 9 2011, 01:25:53 PM
nothing stops you from writing it, but lets get running properly and then lets make some noise.

June 9 2011, 01:26:33 PM
Ahh, cheers mate. Agreed that we should keep from tooting our own horn just yet, but as for staying on the down-low I've heard we're basically all the news on their forums right now so we're starting out with a weirdly elevated profile already.