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June 9 2011, 03:42:33 AM
As a Chinese ever, welcome for you guys coming and playing together in Sere. I am looking most of your threads talking about invading into Sere. Though in future there might be battle between you guys and us, anyway we love this game. So your comming will be good news for Chinese evers.

Here are some hints for buying characters:

As you know you need ID when you register, that means that each game account is associated with the ID when register. That means if you buy a character without the official function called "character transfer", even you change the PW after you bought the account. The guy who sold this account to you can get back this account by using his ID card though claiming to GM for account being stolen. As the GM or CDC don't know if there is realy such an account dealing between you and the solder.

In another word, only buy character though the function "character transfer" which is offered by CDC, is protected and proven to be un-get-back.

The "character transfer" works like this:
Solder: Game Account A:
You: Game Account B:
The function is to transfer a character in A to B;
This process is operated though the official website:
In this website at the right-up corner, you can see this: http://www.eve-online.com.cn/neirong/img/zt_bu04.jpg
In China character: ???????you can google the meaning by yourself.

The whole dealing process is through the third-pay websit Taobao, as you already know.
So, if you only get the Account name and PW, still you will have risky that the account been get back.

En, yet this transfer need Account A have 10000 Gold in itself, that means 2 cards.

OK, that's all.

Like there are cheaters everywhere, no matter in QT JITA or SERE JITA.
Most of dealing, there will be no such fucking things, yet, cheaters do exist everywhere.


June 9 2011, 03:45:52 AM
very important .

June 9 2011, 04:03:10 AM
Oh nice, thanks for the warning and the information!

June 9 2011, 04:26:19 AM
Thanks alot man

Mike deVoid
June 9 2011, 04:27:41 AM
good advice :)

joe space
June 9 2011, 09:19:57 AM

we have the same thing on TQ - except it is also against the rules to transfer characters any other way except through CCP

June 9 2011, 01:02:49 PM
This makes me suspicious of the characters someone was 'given'.

June 9 2011, 01:29:02 PM
Supposedly there's more to it than simply handing over passwords and login names. You have to pay CDN something like $15. And CDN handles the handing over of the account, as well as a method of swapping a unique key generated from the account. When that key/id number is handed over, it's official. If that's not handed over then the person whose account it was originally can come back in a week, month, or years time and get his account back.

Or something. An explanation from one of our friends was posted in one of the threads here.