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November 11 2014, 10:10:04 AM
Dear players,
I am CCP Rattati, here to proudly introduce one of my personal favorite DUST 514 initatives.
We have been working on this project for quite some time. We wanted to bring it to players earlier, but there were code restrictions that didn’t allow us to do so until Uprising 1.9 was launched.
The Prototype Faction BPO APEX-Series Dropsuit The APEX-Series are Non-Consumable Prototype Dropsuit Blueprints equipped with Standard Gear that cannot be modified.
Availability They are available both in the Marketplace for AUR, as well as in the respective Faction Loyalty Stores for Loyalty Points and ISK (full list below).
Tier The APEX-Series are proper Prototype Dropsuits, Scouts, Assault, Logistics, Sentinel with the appropriate number of slots, hit-points and PG/CPU capacity.
Visuals The APEX-Series have unique visuals, a combination of camo patterns, gleaming metallics and vibrant colors.


Each Faction has its unique visor and decal scheme.
Amarr: deep gold
Caldari: light blue
Gallente: light green
Minmatar: deep orange


Each Role also has a unique Dropsuit color scheme, expanding on the conventional Role colors.
Assault: platinum and gold
Commando: gold and dark red
Logistics: gold and jet black
Scout: gold and dark blue
Sentinel: platinum and dark Green
Unmodifiable The APEX-Series cannot be modified, so players will need to eventually progress out of them, as they build up their Skills since APEX-Series Dropsuits will not be as powerful as Prototype Dropsuits equipped with Advanced or Prototype Gear.
However, the APEX-Series will grow in power as the player accrues Skill Points and unlocks Skills that improve the Dropsuit and any equipped Weapons and Gear. A skill that adds 5% hitpoints to all Dropsuits will also affect the APEX-Series, and a skill that decreases the kick of a weapon will decrease the kick of the weapon equipped on an APEX-Series Dropsuit.
Fitting The APEX–Series Prototype BPO’s come pre-equipped with Standard modules so as to prevent them from being overpowered.
Each APEX-Series Dropsuit was equipped with the help from the Council of Planetary Management (CPM) and the DUST Community with the following four key principles and priorities that sometimes overlapped:

Faction Tanking Doctrine

Amarr: Armor
Caldari: Shield
Gallente: Armor Repair (Active)
Minmatar: Shield & Armor (Hybrid)

Effective Hit-Points over Damage Output

We believe it is more important to new players to have an extra hit point buffer than to dish out massive damage. However, we also tried to stay away from extreme hit-point stacking when fitting.

Faction Weapons, Modules and Equipment

We wanted to emphasize the Faction aspect, so used Faction gear wherever possible. Some non-Faction gear may be replaced with 100% equivalent Faction gear in later hotfixes/releases.

Efficiency over Strict Doctrine Adherence

We also wanted the APEX-series to be truly useful for each individual role, so we approached the DUST 514 Community for assistance to fit them properly. Sometimes that meant that a piece of Faction gear got dropped in favor of a non-Faction gear, because it was more useful.
Skills The APEX-Series are designed in such a way that they require no skills to use.
New Players The APEX-Series is perfect for the new players of DUST 514. A new player will have solid protection and combat capability in any of these powerful suits.
As it is non-consumable and un-modifiable, the new player can focus on the accrual of Skill Points and growth of his/her character, without worrying about fitting or running out of ISK, except for Skillbook spending.
Each suit is equipped using a Faction doctrine, so a new player immediately understands the core philosophy of each Faction. They provide a great opportunity to try out different roles, in a meaningful way, without big Skill Point and ISK investment. Always wanted to try a Heavy Machine Gun Armed Sentinel, a Dual-Wielding Commando or a Cloaked Nova Knife Scout? This is the opportunity to do so, and look fantastic doing it!
Veteran Player The APEX-Series are incredibly useful for Factional Warfare to minimize ISK losses while remaining competitive, as well as investigating and trying out different roles to spec into.
I hope you share my enthusiasm for this addition to the DUST 514 armory, and look forward to seeing some of these in action very soon!
Kind regards,
CCP Rattati
Here is a full list of the APEX-Series Dropsuits:

State Peacekeepers State 'Shogun' Sentinel
State 'Rasetsu' Assault
State 'Kampo' Logistics
State 'Hawk' Scout
State 'Samurai' Commando
Federal Marines Federation 'Atlas' Sentinel
Federation 'Spartan' Assault
Federation 'Chiron' Logistics
Federation 'Serpent' Scout
Federation 'Centurion' Commando
Republic Command Republic 'Warlord' Sentinel
Republic 'Nomad' Assault
Republic 'Shaman' Logistics
Republic 'Tiger' Scout
Republic 'Renegade' Commando
Imperial Guard Imperial 'Dominus' Sentinel
Imperial 'Opus' Assault
Imperial 'Seraph' Logistics
Imperial 'Dragon' Scout
Imperial 'Paladin' Commando

Caldari APEX 'Shogun' Sentinel
APEX 'Rasetsu' Assault
APEX 'Kampo' Logistics
APEX 'Hawk' Scout
APEX 'Samurai' Commando
Gallente APEX 'Atlas' Sentinel
APEX 'Spartan' Assault
APEX 'Chiron' Logistics
APEX 'Serpent' Scout
APEX 'Centurion' Commando
Minmatar APEX 'Warlord' Sentinel
APEX 'Nomad' Assault
APEX 'Shaman' Logistics
APEX 'Tiger' Scout
APEX 'Renegade' Commando
Amarr APEX 'Dominus' Sentinel
APEX 'Opus' Assault
APEX 'Seraph' Logistics
APEX 'Dragon' Scout
APEX 'Paladin' Commando

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