View Full Version : #4 - 16:00 Sat. 8/16 - Choke Point vs Quebec Legion United

Tyrus Tenebros
August 15 2014, 05:40:42 PM
Choke Point went 2-2 last year, with a victory against RAZOR being their only notable action. Clockwork Pineapple (GROON) ejected them from the loser's bracket.

Quebec United Legions dropped 0-2 last year. Blame Canada for the losses.

Tyrus Tenebros
August 16 2014, 04:23:38 PM
Jesus Christ how bad do you have to be to run missile/drone and leave a t1 logi and a curse untouched while you get owned.

August 16 2014, 04:24:35 PM
my favourite suicide team

Davion Falcon
August 16 2014, 04:25:24 PM
Deliberately suicide for dramatic tension or just bad?

August 16 2014, 04:28:19 PM

August 16 2014, 04:28:35 PM
heh they really choked guys


Tyrus Tenebros
August 16 2014, 04:28:56 PM
And how bad do you have to be to almost squander that lead???

Epic fight tho

Edit: Choke Point now giving Quebec an actual win. Gg bros

August 16 2014, 04:34:23 PM
5:1 payout on EVE-bet.com, gotta get paid :tinfoil:

Dirk Magnum
August 16 2014, 04:36:04 PM
Not a bad match. Good tension for a bit, even after those ridiculous microjumps by the Rattlesnakes.

Tyrus Tenebros
August 16 2014, 04:41:40 PM
I think part of the problem with modern eve and the tournament can be seen here.

1) find out cameraman, everybody spams them with notifications on the live stream for t3h lulz, which makes it look less professional. Stupid of them not to have a suppression on that stuff, but poor reflection on the players who continued to do it

2) I knew cripple fight would be called a lot, and yeah, there were some issues there but Choke Point almost clawing back from a poor start doesn't make the whole fight a waste. May or may not have been toptier100%bestever but the lead changes and late swings are still interesting, not merely awful because an armchair call says somebody was suboptimal.

*shrug* eve gonna eve

Edit: with due respect to those not calling it a cripple fight, of course.

August 16 2014, 04:50:28 PM
Stupid question probably as I forgot the tournament was today but where are the streams?

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Davion Falcon
August 16 2014, 04:53:01 PM

August 16 2014, 07:52:12 PM

Ty +rep

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Lady Spank
August 17 2014, 03:40:21 PM
Gorski Car spamming application invites to the commentator cam character.