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August 13 2014, 11:30:03 AM
Hey players, it’s CCP Rattati (http://dust514.com/news/blog/2014/05/developer-spotlight-ccp-rattati/) here again. We’re very pleased to announce that Hotfix Charlie has been deployed. Hotfix Charlie contains the biggest changes we have deployed to DUST 514 since Patch 1.8, with a number of targeted tweaks including a full rebalancing of the Assault-class dropsuits.
Like before, we began a narrative process with the community followed by Feedback threads on specific subjects we were looking to work on in the next hotfix. These threads, including the Hotfix Alpha and Bravo threads, are now all stored in the Development Discussion Archives (https://forums.dust514.com/default.aspx?g=topics&f=1775).
If you missed out on the Hotfix Alpha, Bravo and Charlie feedback sessions, please be sure to join us for Hotfix Delta. Threads for feedback on Hotfix Delta will be opening in the near future.
Now to the actual changes – and if you‘d like to dive deeper into the stats, you’ll find the numbers that have changed in this Google Docs spreadsheet (http://dddd) and these hotfix notes (http://bbbb) compiled by CCP Logibro.
In Hotfix Charlie, the primary objective was to buff the Assault Dropsuits. Many dedicated Slayers have migrated to the Scout, Logistics and Sentinel dropsuits in the past few months and we wanted to try and bring them back into the fold. However, rather than nerfing the other types of suits, we wanted to do this by updating the Assault to be as powerful as its brethren. Scouring through the data, there were a number of key findings, some quite striking. First of all, the Assault class was by far the least used dropsuit on the battlefield, even heavily outnumbered by their fellow Mediums, the Logistics. Therefore, we added high and low slots so that they now have the same amount of slots per tier as Logistics. We also added a healthy 100 EHP to the Assault dropsuits, split between shield and armor (depending on race). Assaults also had by far the lowest PG/CPU per slot, which was equalized, increasing their fitting options in a significantly. The cherry on top was the fitting bonus to grenades on top of their light/sidearm bonus, further underlining their role as a versatile combat suit.
We were also aware of the fact that Sentinels had too much fitting capability. In some cases, Sentinels could fill every slot with a prototype item without reaching even 70% of their maximum CPU and PG. Light Weapon-wielding Sentinels had also begun to roam the battlefield, causing some consternation. To counter this unintended behavior, we reduced CPU and PG capacity while introducing a fitting bonus to Heavy Weapons. Sentinels can still fit Light Weapons, but now they will need to sacrifice some power elsewhere in their fitting to do so.
Finally, we discussed slot layouts at length with the community and made some changes to those of the Sentinel and Assault Dropsuits as a result. Most suits in these categories have had low slots and high slots swapped around, both to adapt to a more unified EVE Universe racial philosophy (closer to ship layouts in EVE Online) as well as for keeping a racial consistency within DUST 514.
We also took a second look at the Heavy Machine Gun, a very powerful weapon in the right circumstances. We are happy with the current power and range combined with the changes to Sentinel Dropsuits but want the weapon to be less “hold the trigger to win” and instead more tactical, rewarding skillful application of its high damage. Therefore, we have increased heat buildup so that players need to control their timing, conserving heat yet retaining the raw power of the Heavy Machine Gun.
To keep parity with the range changes for Light Weapons in Hotfix Bravo, the range progression was removed from the Heavy Machine Gun. All Heavy Machine Guns now have the same range as the advanced tier. We also made some radical changes to the Burst HMG to emphasize its role of delivering a massive burst of damage in a short period of time, so we encourage you to give it a go. We expect players to find it especially useful when trying to break through enemies supported by remote repair tools.
A considerable part of the community has been vocal in their support for Factional Warfare (FW) improvements. We have taken the first step in accommodating Factional Warfare “as a lifestyle” by generously increasing Loyalty Point Rewards for FW battles – in fact, tripling it. We want to see whether players are able to earn enough LP to play exclusively in Faction Gear, and also whether participation in FW increases with these changes. Such increases may pave the way for further improvements in Factional Warfare.
War Point-earned Orbital Bombardments are a contentious topic, and some have called for their complete removal except for those that are provided by EVE Online capsuleers. Many changes have occurred since the original War Point requirement was set, especially considering rapid WP accumulation by individual roles. We also took a look at the data and saw that individuals are quite capable of achieving Orbital Bombardments on their own, which is not quite what was originally intended. We also found that Orbital Bombardments can be reached quite early in the game, unbalancing the capture and hold balance. Finally, when a team is against the ropes, under siege in the Redline, it can quite often end up being bombarded continuously. The conclusion was to double the War Point requirement for Orbital Bombardments.
Large Blaster Turrets also saw some tweaks. The Large Blaster dispersion is being reduced a little by making it regain accuracy faster when closer to maximum dispersion. By using controlled bursts, the Large Blaster Turret will be a little more efficient against Infantry and longer range targets while sustained fire will remain relatively inaccurate and ineffective against infantry at medium range and beyond.
Small Blaster Turrets got yet another look, and players should find it to be quite powerful in its current incarnation. We reined in the dispersion, making it behave more like a rifle than an HMG. However, the damage has been dialed up substantially so as to be formidable on Light Attack Vehicles, Heavy Attack Vehicles, and Dropships. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this weapon that has proven quite challenging to get right.
We wanted to take the opportunity and do an experiment on Sniper Rifle crosshairs. This is a small change, and easily reverted if it proves unpopular. Snipers have complained that the reticule dot obscures the target, so we are replacing the dot with a tiny circle. We will be polling the sniper community after a few weeks and will revert the change in Hotfix Delta if it is not well received.
Scout Electronic Warfare (EWAR) balance was addressed with the intention that no scout would be able to claim complete dominance in any given field. After the changes, all scouts can achieve solid profile dampening, scan precision and scan range by dedicating their fitting towards those goals even though all three cannot be achieved at the same time. Furthermore, all scouts will be able to dampen their profile so that they cannot be detected by the strongest scans. All racial Scouts will still have particular strong suits: Caldari will be able to have the widest range, Amarr the highest precision, Minmatar the fastest hacking and the Gallente the lowest signature profile, both due to their innate abilities as well as a combination of slot layouts and modules. These changes were discussed at length with the Scout community and we ended up with a solution that most players agreed with.
A few modules got buffed in Charlie: Reactive Plates will now have improved repair rates per tier, while Kinetic Catalyst and Codebreaker PG requirements are being reduced. Sidearm Damage Modifiers are getting a very large buff while Light Weapon Modifiers receive a more moderate buff as well.
Nova Knifes also got a well-deserved buff, and we encourage you to go out and try them in your Sidearm slot instead of using your trusty old Submachine Gun. Nova Knife range was increased, as well as damage for standard and advanced versions. Charge time has been reduced for standard knives, and we also made changes to hit detection and swing timing, making them more predictable. Finally, Nova Knives now do half of their rated damage against all vehicles, so at last you can kill a tank with a knife! We expect to see some videos of squads attempting to do so shortly after Hotfix Charlie goes live.
A common complaint about Swarm Launchers was that the damage progression was too steep per tier. We agree, and increased the damage of Standard and Advanced Swarm Launchers while reducing the number of missiles per swarm. This may result in improved frame rate overall as rendering the multiple missiles could cause a drop in frame rate. This also reduces the amount that dropships get knocked around when getting hit by higher tier swarm launchers.
For Vehicles we will be increasing the Recall Timer as pilots under threat can too easily evade the enemy and recall, even under heavy fire. Now pilots will have to fully disengage from the battle if they wish to recall their vehicles.
Turret Installations were revisited in a big way. Installations have always been more of a bother and a source of free warpoints rather than a threat. The Turret Installation will now have a clear defined role: a strong defensive AI unit with a small area of denial that can be an effective offensive tool in the hands of a skilled player. Each Turret Installation will have the exact same range as its Large Turret equivalent, but a much smaller threat radius. It will however react to being attacked at its full range, so don’t provoke them unless you’re looking for a fight. They will also not attack Infantry at all without provocation, so Turrets can be hacked at relatively low risk. Finally, we gave all Turret Installations a large EHP boost and a small passive armor repair rate so they will be difficult to solo, but still be killable over time. Our intent is that these changes will instill a strategic element in all battles, as dealing with Turret Installation will require teamwork, both to destroy them and/or hack them, or just simply to ignore them as they will be more passive with a known threat radius. We are also hoping that these stronger turrets will be of bigger use to teams under siege in their own dropzone. This will also help solve the issue of AI-directed redline Turrets, specifically Missile Turrets, being a dangerous aggressor towards Dropships at extreme ranges, with a similar but smaller effect for Rail Turrets against Heavy Attack Vehicles.
We also gave Clone Reserve Units and Supply Depots a passive repair rate so they need focused teamwork to destroy and eliminated “slowdown on hit” from all Turrets to keep in line with the Infantry weapon changes in Bravo.
That‘s all from us for now. Please play and enjoy DUST 514 and use the opportunity to give us feedback on the Hotfix Charlie changes, and remember: Hotfix Delta is just around the corner, waiting for your input.
CCP Rattati

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