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Lexa Hellfury
April 18 2014, 01:45:07 AM
I've wondered for a long time why we don't have this thread already, and now with many many rebalance changes in 9.0, it seems like as good a time as any to make it.

Some minor changes to Malinovka, seem good overall, though likely not gonna change the way the map is played too much Biggest thing I took from it is this spot seems slightly nerfed:


Also they added a little low ground corridor area on top of the hill, will post a screenshot next time I'm up there.

On the other hand, the new Severogarsk(sp?) is completely reworked and AMAZING. The east side hill with the large open plateau has been completely wiped out and replaced with a low ground area with multiple corridors and avenues of attack. Here is a shitty posthumous screenshot with no zoom-out mod:


Not sure what, if any changes have been made to the west side corridor, but even if they only changed the east side it's a tenfold improvement over the old version of the map.

Will post more screenies as I play on more maps.